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OFFICERS FOR 1933-1934 










Gifford Pinchot, Governor of Pennsylvania 

J. Hampton Moore, Mayor of Philadelphia 

Edwin R. Cox, President of Philadelphia City Council 

Edward T. Stotesbury, President of Fairmount Park Commission 


William M. Elkins 
Chairman of the Board 

John F. Braun Emory McMichael 

Stanley Griswold Flagg Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson 

Walter C. Janney Edward B. Robinette 

John S. Jenks Lessing J. Rosenwald 

George Horace Lorimer J. Stogdell Stokes 

Mrs. John D. McIlhenny Roland L. Taylor 
George D. Widener 



JOHN S. JENKS, Chairman 





















*The President is ex officio a member of all committees. 














Mrs. Herbert L. Clark 


Mrs. H. Norris Harrison 


Mrs. Sydney E. Martin 


Mrs. Lewis Audenried 
Mrs. Henry A. Berwind, Jr. 
Mrs. Rudolph Blankenburg 
Mrs. William T. Carter 
Mrs. George S. G. Cavendish 
Mrs. William A. Dick 
Mrs. John T. Dorrance 
Mrs. Russell Duane 
Mrs. Stanley G. Flagg 
Mrs. George H. Frazier 
Mrs. Henry C. Gibson 
Mrs. F. Woodson Hancock 
Mrs. Charles Wolcott Henry 
Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchinson 
Mrs. John S.Jenks 

Mrs. Robert R. Logan 
Mrs. W. Logan MacCoy 
Mrs. John D. McIlhenny 
Mrs. Robert McLean 
Mrs. Richard Waln Meirs 
Mrs. Thornton Oakley 
Mrs. Henry Norris Platt 
Mrs. Eli Kirk Price 
Mrs. Logan Rhoads 
Mrs. C. Shillard-Smith 
Miss Jessie Willcox Smith 
Mrs. John B. Stetson 
Mrs. W. Standley Stokes 
Mrs. P. A. B. Widener, 2nd 
Mrs. C. Stewart Wurts 


Mrs. Edward Browning Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury 

Miss Margaret Clyde Mrs. William H. Walbaum 

Mrs. Percival Roberts, Jr. 



Chief of the Division of American Art 

HENRI MARCEAU, Assistant Director 
Chief of the Division of European Art 

Chief of the Division of Eastern Art 


HENRI MARCEAU, Curator of Painting and Sculpture 

BOIES PENROSE, Curator of Prints 

NANCY ANDREWS REATH, Curator of Textiles 

HORACE H. F. JAYNE, Curator of Chinese Art 

W. NORMAN BROWN, Curator of Indian Art 

HENRY CLIFFORD, Assistant Curator of Paintings 

ELIZABETH PEARSON HORROCKS, Assistant Curator of Prints 

ELIZABETH ABEL, Assistant, Installation 



WALTER W. S. COOK, Spanish Art RICHARD OFFNER, Italian Art 




THOMAS T. HOOPES, Arms and Armour SAMUEL YELLIN, Metalivork 

F. D. LANGENHEIM, Numismatics 


ALBERTA DEVLIN, Information and Saks 
EMILY FOX, Assistant 

Delegated by the Board of Education: 
VIOLA FOULKE, School Attachie 
MILDRED JANTZEN, Art Supervisor 
CAROLINE K. JONES, Art Supervisor 

Delegated by Yale University: 
RICHARD W. HOWARD, Psychologist 


HENRIETTA C. QUINN, Secretary to the Director 

JANE WOLFE, Registrar 
GERTRUDE TOOMEY, Assistant Registrar 

PAUL VANDERBILT, Librarian, Editor 


GEORGE C. A. BARBOUR, Superintendent 

LEWIS LIST, Assistant Superintendent, Captain of the Watch 




E. W. FRANCE, Director, Textile Department 
EUGENIE M. FRYER, Librarian 




Costume Design, Dressmaking 


First Year Lettering 

Woodwork and Joinery 

Advertising Design 


Design Water Color, Related to In- 
terior Decoration, Lectures: Ele- 
ments of Architecture 


Metal Work and Jewelry 

Drawing, Advanced Drawing from 
Cast, Anatomy Drawing 


First Year Color and Design 

Drawing from Life 


Water Color 


Lectures, Art Appreciation 

Wood Carving 


Design — Advanced 

Nature Study Drawing 

Illustration, Composition, Costumed 
Model in Relation to Illustration 
and Composition 




Drawing, Assistant in Life Drawing, 
Anatomy Drawing 

Supervisor of Practice Teaching, Sub- 
jects of Teaching 

Pen and Ink Drawing 



Lectures, Interior Decoration Subjects 

Drawing from Life 


Drawing, First Year Drawing from 



Painting from Still Life, Costumed 
Model in Relation to Advertising, 
Costume Design and Teachers' 

Drawing, First Year Drawing from 


Design, Related to Furniture. Lec- 
tures : History of Furniture, History 
of Costume 

Instructor, Costume Design 



Director, Lecturer on Raw Materials, 
Processes and Fabrics 

Instructor in Charge of Power Wea 
ing and Related Branches 


Assistant Director in Charge of 
Weave Formation, Analysis and 
Structure of Fabrics 


Instructor in Charge of Cotton Card- 
ing and Spinning, Silk Manufac- 
turing and Hosiery Knitting 

Assistant Director in Charge of 
Jacquard Design, Drawing and 
Color Work 

Instructor in Charge of Elementary 
Weaving and Related Branches 

In Charge of Chemistry, Dyeing and 

Instructor in Weave Formation, 
Analysis and Structure of Fabrics 


Instructor in Charge of Wool Carding 
and Spinning, Worsted Drawing 
and Spinning 


Instructor in Jacquard Design and 
Color Work 




Assistant in Charge of Chemistry and 

Instructor in Chemistry 


Instructor in Dyeing, Bleaching and 


Instructor in Free-Hand Drawing and 

Figured Design 


Assistant Instructor in Cotton Card- 
ing and Spinning and Hosiery 

Instructor in Materials used in the 
Wool and Worsted Industry 

Assistant in Wool Carding and 
Spinning, Worsted Drawing and 


Assistant in Elementary Weaving and 
Related Branches 

Assistant in Power Weaving and 
Related Branches 



To the Members of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. 

Ladies and Gentlemen : 

In the year just past the Board of Trustees suffered a profound 
loss through the death of Eli Kirk Price, President of the Board 
since 1926. Scholar, lover of the arts, civic leader of rare courage 
and foresight, he has built his own immortality by a life of unselfish 
devotion to Philadelphia. Our city is permanently enriched by his 
achievements; at their head perhaps, stands the great Museum of 
Art at Fairmount. 

Another gap in the ranks of the active workers of the Museum 
was created by the death of Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs, a member of 
the Board of Trustees and of the Committee on Instruction. 

To fill the vacancies, a number of interested and valued friends 
of the Museum have accepted positions on the Board of Trustees. 

The vacancy in the office of the Principal of the School, created 
by the resignation of Edmondson Hussey, was filled by the election 
of Edward Warwick. 

The most important work of the Trustees during the past year 
has continued to be largely financial. In adoption of its budget for 
the year 1932, City Council found it necessary, in the interest of 
municipal economy, to reduce the specific appropriation for the 
care and maintenance of Art Museums from $168,150 annually to 
$100,000, in turn necessitating a reduced schedule of days throughout 
the year on which the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Memorial Hall 
and the Rodin Museum could be open. The Trustees were compelled 
to institute drastic reductions in operating expenses, and the pending 
plans for the installation of objects of art and period rooms were 
held in abeyance. 

Again last year, the City Council reduced the appropriation 
for the Museum from $100,000 to $50,000, resulting in a total 
reduction of a little more than 70 per cent. For the second time, the 
Board ordered a further cut in salaries and eliminated many posi- 
tions entirely. In addition they were forced to the regrettable 
measure of closing Memorial Hall indefinitely and closing the 
Philadelphia Museum of Art three and one-half days a week, and 
the Rodin Museum six days a week. 

It is hoped that next year's appropriation for the care and 
maintenance of the Art Museums will be substantially increased 
over the amount now received, so that the Museums, under the 


direction of the Board, may again be opened daily for the use and 
enjoyment of the public. 

We are deeply indebted to our loyal Staff for the spirit they 
have shown under the trying conditions that have had to be met. 
The quality of their work has been evidenced in many excellent 
exhibitions they have arranged during the past year. 

The high standard of the work of the Art and Textile Schools 
has been maintained throughout the year. As the art of design has 
become so important a factor in many industries, our Schools are 
rendering a valuable service in training young men and women in 
the industrial arts. This enables our industries to produce more 
attractive wares, an important service under the highly competitive 
conditions that prevail. 

The financial statement for the fiscal year ending May 31st, 
1933, is set forth fully in the report of the Treasurer. While the 
report shows we have met the difficult situation, it is evident, if 
our splendid progress is to be maintained, that the generous help of 
the Museum's many friends will be more than ever needed. With 
the continued loyalty of our many friends we have been making 
progress even in these difficult days. With the event of happier 
times our pace will quicken. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. Stogdell Stokes, 




To the President and Trustees of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art. 
I have the honour to present the following report: 

In spite of the many difficulties of the year just closed, the 
Museum may pride itself on having fulfilled its essential public 
mission. The difficulties have been felt as a challenge to the museum 
to justify its public support by intensifying its service to the public 
at large. 

A public museum, as contrasted, for instance, with the society 
or academy type, is distinguished by its purpose and attitude. "The 
purpose," as has well been said, "is to enrich the life of the people 
generally, rather than to serve a limited group . . . The attitude is 
that of a public servant in the best sense of the term, constantly 
seeking to widen and deepen its influence." 

The particular development of the past year which has resulted 
in such an increase of influence has been the endeavor to give the 
programme of exhibitions a truly public character; that is, the 
major exhibitions have been designed truly "to enrich the life of 
the people generally." 

To know or guess what will actually do this, or even what 
people will like enough to come at all, is a very difficult thing. In 
the theatre inability to predict public response is notorious. It is 
much to the credit of Mr. Youtz, who as our Curator of Exhibitions 
laid out the series for the past year, that he so accurately gauged 
what, without being trifling, would interest the multitude, and, 
without being abstruse, would have solid artistic value. 

The success of these exhibitions — in a year of little new con- 
struction and few accessions — is attested by the increase in atten- 
dance, where days of opening remained the same as last year. The 
attendance at Fairmount for the period so comparable showed an 
increase of 13 per cent. 

The major exhibitions in their order were as follows: 
October, Forain 
November, Persian Art 
January, Victorian Art 
February, American Folk Art 
March, The Art of China 
April, Flowers in Art 
May — June, Photography 
May — September, Contemporary Sculpture 


The collection of the work of Forain — paintings, drawings, 
etchings and lithographs — lent by Lessing J. Rosenwald, constituted 
the principal memorial exhibition in America of this artist's work. 

The exhibition of Persian Art and its European Influences was 
built up in the Great Hall of the Museum, using as a nucleus the 
rugs of the Williams Collection. The various Persian works acquired 
by the Museum, not hitherto installed, were exhibited, as well 
as some elements of the Museum's Sasanian palace stuccoes excavated 
at Damghan by the Joint Expedition to Persia. As feature of the 
installation the Mudejar dome in carved wood given to the Museum 
by Radcliffe Cheston Jr. was set up provisionally, to house the 
Hispano-Moresque objects. This installation has been allowed to 
remain throughout the year, as a foretaste of the future Islamic 

The exhibition of Victorian Art, a style now beginning to 
receive attention on both sides of the Atlantic, was perhaps the 
chief exemplification of the period so far attempted in a museum. 
The three galleries embodied the phases represented by the Crystal 
Palace Exhibition, the time of the Civil War, and the Centennial 
Exposition, and the material assembled by Mr. Hathaway included 
many of the most characteristic types created by Victorian artists 
and craftsmen in different techniques. 

For the exhibition of American Folk Art we added to the 
material shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York — 
largely primitive painting and sculpture — an equal quantity of our 
own in painted furniture, Pennsylvania-German pottery, and glass, 
and a number of the works of the pioneer American sculptor William 
Rush. It was a notable exemplification of popular art, which in 
Europe has lately been the subject of so much attention. 

The later exhibitions, maintaining a continuous and varied 
interest by no means limited to Philadelphia, have been fully 
described in the Museum Bulletin. Here we need only emphasize 
the generous devotion, the ingenuity and taste displayed by Mr. 
Marceau, Mr. Jayne, Mr. Vanderbilt and Mr. Brodovitch in organ- 
izing, designing and installing them, the skill and loyalty of 
Mr. Barbour and his men in making the quick changes essential 
to the programme. 

All these qualities were conspicuously displayed in the great 
exhibition of sculpture just opened. Acting both for the Fairmount 
Park Art Association, which financed it, and for the Museum, 
Mr. Marceau has handled the administrative and artistic problems 
involved with the greatest ability. Both outside and inside the 
Museum the quality of the works displayed and the beauty of their 


disposition are such as to arouse the keenest public interest and 

A second series of monthly exhibitions was inaugurated in the 
suite dedicated as our Gallery of Modern Art. These exhibitions, 
assembled by Mr. Marceau, Mr. Vanderbilt and Mr. Clifford, were 
devoted to the work of contemporary Pennsylvania artists: 

December— January. . . .Some Living Pennsylvania Painters 

January — February The Younger Generation of Painters 

February — March Print Makers of the Present 

March — April Water Colours 

April — May The Portrait in Pennsylvania 

These exhibitions were extremely successful in making more 
widely known the work of important groups of artists of Pennsyl- 
vania origin, and in attracting to the Museum the interest and 
support of those interested in contemporary movements in art. 

The usual series of exhibitions of prints from the Lea Collection 
continued in the Print Room. 


An important event was the completion of the first unit of the 
future continental section, the Louis XVI room given by Mrs. 
Alexander Hamilton Rice, of which the extreme perfection is now 
apparent. The November number of the Museum Bulletin was devoted 
to this beautiful room. It was opened on November 11th. 

For that occasion we made an extensive rehanging of neigh- 
boring galleries to make the best possible showing of our available 
resources in French art, and of the paintings of the two collections 
bequeathed to the City of Philadelphia by William L. Elkins and 
George W. Elkins, of which the Museum is custodian. The Elkins 
collections fill six adjacent galleries, classified by schools. 

With the loan of the Stotesbury collection the increase in the 
works on view taxed our gallery space to the limit. If exhibitions 
were to continue it was vital to create additional accommodations. 

By the greatest economy we were able to fit up in temporary 
fashion, on the first floor, three admirable daylighted galleries for 
major exhibitions. For exhibitions of contemporary art we trans- 
formed into small galleries the suite of offices at the north corner 
of the building. The former Children's Room was used as a gallery 
for American paintings of the XIX century. The corridor on Floor A 
was devoted to various installations of decorative arts. 


With negligible funds and salvage materials Mr. Barbour, our 
Superintendent, has improvised temporary fireproof storerooms for 
paintings and furniture where our large reserve treasures may be 
seen by any qualified student. In the same way he devised much- 
needed temporary quarters for our shops. 


All accessions have been listed currently in the Museum Bulletin 
and a complete list of donors is appended to this report. We may 
confine ourselves here to generalizations and to the mention of a 
few outstanding works. 

In general the Museum undertook no new commitments as to 
purchases, confining itself — except for the disbursement of funds 
given for specific purposes — to the reduction of existing obligations. 

The Foulc Collection 

Progress continued in the acquisition of objects from the Foulc 
Collection, partly by exercise of selection under earlier subscriptions, 
partly by new payments. These resulted in the Museum's acquiring 
a magnificent French carved walnut chest as the gift of Samuel W. 
Morris, a halberd with the arms of France and Navarre as the gift 
of Mrs. Stanley Griswold Flagg, and a number of items of metal 
work from various fund balances. 


The superb Romanesque fountain from Cuxa, installed in the 
Cloister, was given to the Museum by Mrs. William W. Fitler as a 
memorial to her late husband. 

An extremely fine Louis XVI marble and ormulu chimneypiece 
was given by Mrs. Alexander Hamilton Rice for installation in the 
room presented by her. 

A Palladian window from St. John's Church at Fifth and Race 
Streets, built in 1808 and demolished in 1925, was given by Howard 
W. Lewis in memory of John Frederick Lewis. 

Painting and Sculpture 

There was deposited with the Museum as part of the Elkins 
Collection "The Triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite" by Nicolas 
Poussin, formerly in the Musee de l'Hermitage. 

A bust of Napoleon in marble, one of the type created by 
Antonio Canova, was given by Mrs. Richard Wain Meirs. 


A bronze bust of Eli Kirk Price by Einar Jonsson was generously- 
presented to the Museum by Mrs. Price. 

Brancusi's famous bust of Mile. Pogany in marble was given 
by an anonymous donor. 

A painting by Carroll S. Tyson "Inland Maine," was purchased 
from funds given anonymously. 

Decorative Arts 

Aside from objects from the Foulc Collection the following 
may be particularly noted: 

In furniture: a Philadelphia clock with case by Edward James, 
purchased from the German town Tribute Fund; a tall-case clock 
with works by Thomas Wagstaff given by Clement Biddle, in whose 
family it descended; a Philadelphia side chair by Benjamin Randolph, 
from the Reifsnyder Collection, purchased from the Harrison Fund 
income; a French armchair from the Figdor collection and a fine 
Queen Anne side chair purchased from the Bloomfield Moore Fund 

In textiles: a Greco-Roman weave of the 3rd century A.D. 
purchased from the Bloomfield Moore Fund income; a fine Aubusson 
carpet given by Mrs. Euphemia Grubb de Cerkez; a printed linen 
quilt of the pattern "Penn's Treaty with the Indians" given by 
James Hillhouse; a number of fine laces given by Mrs. Richard 
Wain Meirs in memory of Anne Weigh tman Pennfield. 

In ceramics : considerable groups of various wares given by 
Charles W. Burr and by Mrs. Meirs. 


Among the objects received and still remaining on loan there 
may be specially mentioned: 

Modern paintings forming the collection of Baron and Baroness 
de Schauensee. 

Groups of early American paintings and decorative objects from 
Miss Mary Coles, Miss Susan B. Pennebaker, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver 
Randolph Parry, Miss Ella Parsons and J. Stogdell Stokes. 

Four English tapestries of about the year 1700 from Richard 
V. N. Gambrill. 

A very notable group of costumes and textiles from Thomas B. 
Wanamaker, Jr. and Archibald G. Thomson, Jr. 


Important pieces of American silver from the Mabel Brady 
Garvan Collection of Yale University, and of English silver from 
Mrs. Edgar V. Seeler. 

A magnificently carved French sedan chair of the Louis XV 
period from Mrs. Belrose Bourne. 

A complete set of the Audubon folios of birds and quadrupeds 
from Mrs. W. Logan MacCoy. 

Important works of Chinese art from Baron and Baroness de 
Schauensee, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. R. Sinkler, Mrs. George Gowan 
Hood, and Mrs. Dalton Hayes. 

A full list of lenders is appended. 

The Museum has made loans for exhibition elsewhere to the 
following institutions: The Art Alliance, the Art Institute of 
Chicago, the Camden County Free Library, the College Art Associ- 
ation, the Committee of 1926, the Junior League of Philadelphia, 
the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Commercial 
Museum, the University Museum, and the Yale Gallery of Fine Arts. 

Educational Work 

Despite much further reduction in staff, the Division of Edu- 
cation under Mr. Howard continued to do effective work. The 
twenty-two public lectures, including our endowed lectures, were 
given, among others, by the following distinguished authorities 
from abroad: Marcel Aubert, R. M. Riefstahl, Eustache de Lorey, 
Erwin Panofsky. The lectures attracted a very serious audience, 
averaging one hundred. 

Work for Philadelphia school children conducted at the Museum 
by the Board of Education followed the same lines as last year. 
Miss Viola Foulke served as School Attachee. In the regular classes 
on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings she had the 
cooperation of Miss Mildred Jantzen and Miss Caroline K. Jones. 

Fifteen radio broadcasts were given by members of the Museum 
staff over Station WIP, through the cooperation of the Chamber 
of Commerce. 

All these promising developments have been seriously affected 
by prevailing financial conditions, which have borne with particular 
hardship on institutions, like our Museum, deriving a large share 
of their support from the municipality. The 1931-32 salary budget 
of the Division of Education within the Museum stood at $27,196 
out of a total museum budget of $271,000. For 1933-34, with the 


total museum income reduced to $101,500 and the Museum buildings 
partially closed, it is no longer practicable to maintain any separate 
educational staff. Such work as can be continued must be done by 
the small remains of the curatorial staff, with the assistance of 
staff-members of the Museum School of Industrial Art, of the public 
school system, and of occasional outside lecturers. 

The exhibitions of the year have been taken as opportunities 
of experimenting in the visual education of the public. By methods 
of selection, installation and labelling more allied to those of 
science museums, the effort has been made to interest and educate, 
by purely visual means, the broad mass of the public which will 
not take part in formal activities, but which flocks in thousands to 
the Museum on Saturdays and Sundays — to look, and not to listen. 

The problem of "educational work" in a public museum of a 
large city is one on which considerable light has been thrown by 
the experience of the Museum during the past five-year period. 
While formal events such as have been conducted no doubt work 
qualitatively on a few, and should be restored and continued, the 
public at large, one tends to conclude, can scarcely be reached by 
them. The Museum possesses, in the possibilities of installation 
and exhibition, means more proper to its own genius, which, if 
intelligently used, may produce richer educational results. 

In exploring such possibilities the researches on the habits and 
reactions of museum visitors, conducted under the direction of 
Professor Edward S. Robinson of Yale University and the oversight 
of Arthur W. Melton, have continued to be fruitful. Beside other 
facilities for observation, one gallery was assigned to them through- 
out the year for frequent experimental modifications of installation. 
Their results will be separately published. 


Sunday evening concerts were continued again this year through 
the generosity of Mrs. Bok. Under the direction of Louis Bailly 
the five concerts were very successful artistically and attracted a 
total audience of over thirteen thousand. 

The Library 

Blest with a highly competent Librarian, the Museum library 
is continually becoming a more admirable tool for the daily work 
of the Museum and for the use of serious students. 

It has had again this year, in increased measure, the constant 
and generous support of Mrs. Charles Francis Griffith, who has 


not only given many books, but has supplied the Librarian with 
an efficient assistant, Mr. Merrifield. 

The reclassification and recataloguing begun in 1929 has been 
completed in many of the principal classes of books. In dealing with 
the books on textiles we have had the generous assistance of Miss 
Julia Lloyd; with the early books illustrating the history of printing, 
that of Miss Janet Ross. The intelligent natural sequence which 
has been achieved in the Museum library is a boon and a delight 
to users. 

The Librarian will not be satisfied until the subject catalogue 
has reached a similar state of perfection and usefulness. Work to 
this end may doubtless fruitfully occupy some years to come. 

In buying books the policy is to specialize on the subjects most 
closely allied to the Museum's own activities and collections. 
Books outside its scope found in the Library are used where possible 
for exchange; certain such items have been presented during the 
past year to the College of Physicians, to the Curtis Institute of 
Music, to the Free Library of Philadelphia and to the Archives 
Nationales in Paris. 

The Registrar's Office 

Great progress continues to be made under Miss Wolfe's direc- 
tion in reducing the old arrears of cataloguing, while keeping 
quite abreast of all accessions. We owe very largely to her personal 
ascendancy and skill the success of the Museum in attracting and 
training a large number of volunteer workers without whom, in 
these days, these tasks could not be accomplished. Miss Margaret 
Dulles gave her whole time to the Museum. Others who rendered 
most effective assistance were the Misses Janet Bullitt, Josephine 
Fraley, Gurney Fuguet, Barbara Gerhard, Mary Hines, Frances 
Richardson, and Marion Winsor, as well as Mrs. Morton Howard. 

Mrs. Alfred Coxe Prime generously undertook to duplicate for 
us all additional cards in the remarkable file of advertisements of 
Philadelphia craftsmen, begun by her late husband, formerly a 
member of the Committee on Museum. 

The Sixty-ninth Street Branch Museum 

Owing to financial conditions affecting its local support, the 
Sixty-ninth Street Branch Museum — after amply demonstrating the 
public advantages of such branches — had to be closed on October 17. 

During the summer and early autumn it had continued its 
successful series of exhibitions, as follows: Contemporary American 


Painting, Historical Paintings by Edward Moran, International 
Water Color Show, Exhibition of Modern German Prints and 
Historical Prints, Egyptian Art, Chicago Painters. 

The attendance for the period May 31 to October 17 was 66,889, 
bringing the total in two years operation to nearly three hundred 

The authorities of the Carnegie Corporation, under a grant from 
which the branch museum was inaugurated, generously permitted 
that its staff and activities should be transferred to the main museum 
pending the possibility of reestablishing one or more branches. This 
enabled us to develop our program of exhibitions along the lines 
shown to be successful in the branch museum, and must be considered 
largely responsible for the gains made by the Museum during 
the year. 

Colonial Houses 

The security of the colonial houses administered by the Museum 
was further increased by the installation of automatic fire and 
burglar alarm systems. 

The Associate Committee of Women was so generous as to 
make a contribution of $500 to the Museum from the proceeds of 
the "Colonial Days" last spring. 


The City appropriation toward care and maintenance of art 
museums, which had been reduced to $100,000 for 1932, suffered a 
further reduction of $50,000 effective January 1, 1933. Operation 
on the old scale was continued by the Trustees until February 15- 
Funds applicable to the purpose then being exhausted, it was 
necessary to close Memorial Hall to the public for the time being, 
and to close the Rodin Museum except on Saturdays. Even thus the 
cost of mere operation of buildings, almost exclusively for labor, 
somewhat exceeds the City appropriation, the salaries of the staff 
and the cost of all Museum activities being carried entirely by 
current income of the Corporation. 

It was necessary to make severe further reduction in staff, and 
in the compensation of all staff members who remain. On this 
basis, with its consequent hardships, the Museum balanced its 
budget for the past fiscal year and enters the new year also with 
a balanced budget. 

Any resumption of a full schedule of public opening of the 
buildings must await restoration of the City appropriations. 


The Staff 

Mr. Youtz, Curator of Exhibitions, assumed the post of Assis- 
tant Director of the Brooklyn Museum. Mr. Hathaway, Assistant 
in charge of Decorative Arts, also went to New York, as Assistant 
to the Curator in the Museum of the Arts of Decoration at the 
Cooper Union. Mr. Pedersen, long and fruitfully connected with 
the Museum, as Assistant to the Director and Staff Architect, 
resumed the private practice of architecture. With the end of the 
year Mr. Howard, Chief of the Division of Education, assumed the 
post of Director of the Kansas City Art Institute. Mr. Roberts of 
the Division of Eastern Art has spent the year in study at Peiping. 

In spite of all difficulties the morale of the staff has remained 
high, fruitful work has continued, and the stage is set for enlarged 
usefulness as economic recovery progresses. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Fiske Kimball, 




ACCESSIONS 1932-1933 

Classes Bequests 

Architectural Details 

Arms and Armour 



Costumes and Accessories 

Crystals, Jades, etc 

Dolls and Toys 

Drawings and Water Colours 








Lantern Slides 

Leather Work 


Medals and Coins 


Special Funds 





Special Fund 


Prints and Volumes of Prints 

Darley Fund 



Woodwork and Furniture 

Bloomfield Moore Fund 

Germantown Tribute Fund 

Harrison Fund 



Gifts Purchases Total 










































































2339 240 2579 14,156 



1932-1933 1931-1932 

Archaeological Objects 48 273 

Architectural Models, Plans and Photographs 211 

Arms and Armour 3 11 

Ceramics 109 378 

Costumes 7 34 

Drawings and Water Colours 156 110 

Glass. 17 60 

Glass (Stained) 6 

Ivories 1 8 

Jewellery 12 26 

Lacquer 4 

Leather 2 

Manuscripts 10 

Metal-work 50 304 

Miniatures 17 

Miscellaneous 12 203 

Paintings 303 611 

Photographic Prints 306 286 

Prints and Volumes of Prints 250 810 

Sculpture 379 52 

Textiles 32 324 

Wall-paper 33 

Woodwork and Furniture 95 219 

Totals 1782 3990 



Bequests Gifts Purchases Totals 

1933 340 57 397 

1932 164 6542 24 6730 

Increase over 1932 33 

Decrease from 1932 164 6202 6333 



Books Gifts 

1933 199 

1932 209 

Decrease from 1932 10 

Increase over 1932 


1933 1800 

1932 3363 

Decrease from 1932 1563 

Lantern Slides 



Decrease from 1932 

Donors to the Library 









> 3362 









Fiscal Year, June 1, 1932— May 31, 1933 
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Open Mondays, Wednesdays, 

Saturdays, Sundays) 312,132 

Memorial Hall (Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to 

February 18th only) 109,948 

Rodin Museum (Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to 

February 18th, thenceforth on Saturdays only) 50,051 

Sixty-ninth Street Branch (Through October 16th) 66,889 

Mount Pleasant 2,091 

Cedar Grove 1,519 

Letitia Street House 2,428 



(Fiscal Years, June 1 — May 31) 

Philadelphia Memorial Flower 69th St. Mount Cedar Letitia 

Museum Hall Shows Branch Pleasant Grove St. House Total 

1923-24 311,993 311,993 

1924-25 336,175 85,188 421,363 

1925-26 301,167 112,380 413,547 

1926-27 361,718 19,224 10,570 391,512 

1927-28 222,275 227,928 4,765 3,325 458,293 


1928-29 841,458 237,282 3,962 3,301 1,086,003 

1929-30 793,103 294,433 274,373 2,798 2,265 1,366,972 

1930-31 439,727 370,781 282,532 15,686 2,919 2,228 1,113,873 

1931-32 346,074* 189,498* 90,975* 212,483 3,152 1,684 27 843,893* 

1932-33 312,132* 109,948*f 50,051* 66,889f 2,051 1,519 2,428 545,058* 
*Museum closed on certain days of the week. 
fMuseum closed entirely for part of year. 






Institutions of Higher Learning 

Other Group 


Total Adults 101 


Visits of School Classes 

Under Philadelphia School Attachee 94 

Under Museum Staff 27 

Under own teachers 12 


Regular Courses 
Philadelphia Public Schools 120 

Total Children 253 

Total in Building 354 

Outside Lectures 

Adults 3 

Children 6 


Radio Broadcasts 15 

Total Educational Work 378 

Concerts 5 























Miss Willian Adger 

Miss Elizabeth A. Atkinson 

Miss Gertrude Atkinson 

Mrs. Charles Y. Audenried 

Miss Margaret S. Bedell 

Clement Biddle 

The Misses Bonsall 

Edward S. Buckley, Jr. 

Miss Katharine Buckley 

Charles W. Burr 

Miss Edith Brooke Burt 

Miss Mary Theodora Burt 

Mrs. Joseph M. Caley 

Mrs. William T. Carter 

Mrs. Euphemia Grubb deCerkez 

Captain and Mrs. Marcus S. 

H. Louis Duhring 
Mrs. Frederick C. Durant 
Eastman Kodak Company 
Mrs. Emily Q. A. Ellis 
Fairmount Park Art 

Edgar C. Felton 
Jane Audenried Fitler (in mem- 
ory of William W. Fitler) 
Mrs. Stanley Griswold Flagg 

(in memory of Henry C. Gibson) 
William S. Henning 
James Hillhouse 
Charles F. Judson 

Rockwell Kent 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Kienzle 

Fiske Kimball 

Howard W. Lewis (in memory of 
John Frederick Lewis) 

Mrs. Richard Waln Meirs 

Mrs. Richard Waln Meirs (in 
memory of Anne Weightman 

I. Hazleton Mirkil (in memory 
of Mary Carter Mirkil) 

Samuel W. Morris 

O. M. Norcross 

Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson 

Mrs. Eli Kirk Price 

Miss Mary J. Price 

Print Club of Philadelphia 

Mrs. Alexander Hamilton Rice 

Mabel Hastings Robb (in mem- 
ory of Emilie Mitchell Hastings) 

Miss Helen Hamilton Robins 

Mrs. Dwight P. Robinson 

Mrs. James M. R. Sinkler 

Mrs. William Stansfield 

Oliver Calvert Underhill 

Miss Tony Von Horn 

William G. Warden 

Henry Waxman 

C. C Whiten ack 

Clinton Rogers Woodruff 

Mrs. Minturn T. Wright 



American Institute for Persian 

Art and Archaeology 
John Anderson 
W. N. Berkeley 
Francis Hill Bigelow 
W. Norman Brown 
Mrs. Hampton L. Carson 
Kenneth M. Chapman 
China-Institut, Frankfurt 
Henry Clifford 
Mrs. Walter Clothier 
Mrs. Philip S. Collins 
Mrs. Henry H. Donaldson 
Mrs. L. Webster Fox 
Robert Franks 
French and Company 
Harrold E. Gillingham 
Miss Ernestine A. Goodman 
Mrs. Charles Francis Griffith 
Mrs. J. P. Crozer Griffith 
Mrs. Frank T. Griswold 
Hallwyl Museum, Stockholm 
Hamburgisches Museum fur 

kunst und gewerbe 

Mrs. S. M. Hamill 

Calvin S. Hathaway 

Takashi Hirayama 

John S. Jenks 

Fiske Kimball 

h. kurdian 

F. D. Langenheim 

Lead Industries Association 

Clarence H. Mackay 

George W. Magee 

Mrs. Richard Waln Meirs 

Estate of John T. Morris and 

Lydia T. Morris 
Beaumont Newhall 
The Pennsylvania Society 
Princeton University Library 
Miss A. Randolph 
William Ellis Scull 
Horace Wells Sellers 
M. and R. Stora 
Paul Vanderbilt 
Mrs. Stanley Eyre Wilson 

*Tbc Museum exchanges its publications with many other institutions 



(Other than lenders of individual works to Temporary Exhibitions')* 

H. F. D'Albites 

Mrs. Edward Digby Baltzell 

Mrs. Belrose Bourne 

Baron and Baroness Rodolphe 

M. deSchauensee 
Richard V. N. Gambrill 
Mrs. D alton Hayes 
Miss Beatrice C. E. Henszey 
Mrs. George Gowen Hood 
Mrs. W. Logan MacCoy 
Miss Edna M. Nutter 
Captain and Mrs. Oliver 

Randolph Parry 
Miss Ella Parsons 
Miss Susan B. Pennebaker 
Philadelphia High School 

for Girls 

Raymond Pitcairn 

Mrs. B. Br ann an Reath 

Miss Frances Richardson 

A. S. W. Rosenbach 

A. E. Saxton 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. R. 

Mrs. Edgar V. Seeler 
J. Stogdell Stokes 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. 

Benjamin C. Tilghman 
Miss Grace Thompson 
Archibald G. Thomson, Jr. 
Thomas B. Wanamaker, Jr. 
Mrs. Paul B. Wendler 
Morris Wood 

Yale Gallery of Fine Arts 

*The names of lenders to exhibitions have been listed in the several catalogues of these, or in 
the Museum Bulletin 



To the President and Trustees of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art: 

At a time so peculiarly pregnant with change as this particular 
era, there is little in our social order that is escaping some trans- 
forming touch. Especially is this true in the field of Industrial Art. 
New materials, new techniques, new methods of reproduction, new 
thought in design, new methods of construction, the tremendous 
importance of the machine — all impose new problems upon the 
artist designer. 

Recognizing this fact, the School is making every effort to 
provide the student with the necessary training and point of view 
with which to meet this situation. 

An artist must be sensitive to his time and to his environment. 
As we look back upon the great outstanding eras of the past: 
Egypt, Greece, or the Renaissance — we find this susceptibility to the 
best thought and life of the time was essentially true. The artist, 
sensitized to the art of his own time, visualized the culture and 
environment to which he was exposed. 

Gradually, after a long period of classicism and imitation, we 
are arriving at this great motivating idea of the expression of our 
own life and environment as related to the twentieth century. 

This, then, leads to the interesting relation our classes have in 
study and in museum and library research with the general design 
of our School. The student is sent to the museums so that he may 
come into fruitful contact with the great art of the past, as well as 
with the work of outstanding living artists; this contact is made 
not for the purpose of imitation, but for the enrichment of his 
imagination, for the elevation of his taste and for the development 
of his discrimination, without sacrifice to his personal creative 

The problem of creating designs which are to be sold and 
reproduced calls for a professional standard of teaching. As far as 
possible students are taught professional execution for practical 
reproduction in the various fields of industrial design and the art 

The application of this point of view relative to the part played 
by museum research, combined with high professional presentation, 
is shown in the work of the class in Advertising Design. The series 
of posters advertising vacation trips to Africa emphasizes the careful 


study of primitive and African art, but is rendered in a manner 
contemporary with the advertising spirit of our times. 

The work of this course has been further related to the profes- 
sional advertising field by visits to the following commercial and 
advertising companies: 

American Type Founders Company General Outdoor Advertising 

Brown and Bailey Company Company, Inc. 

Edward Stern and Company, Inc. Lanston Monotype Company 

The Electrical Association of McCandlish Lithographing 

Philadelphia Corporation 

Westcott and Thomson 

Likewise every attempt is being made more fully to coordinate 
the various courses that comprise the School's curriculum, and to 
emphasize that each subject studied may include principles that 
can be applied with advantage to related work. This is of the 
utmost importance in order to do away with waste in education. 
For example: 

The course in Design is being related to the courses in Jewelry, 
Modeling and Pottery. The result tends toward a high artistic and 
professional character. 

Through the generous interest of the Associate Committee of 
Women we were able, even in these depressing times, to award the 
usual number of individual prizes for special work, as formerly. 
This year eight awards were also made to students to visit the 
World's Fair, "The Century of Progress," at Chicago. 

The Librarian reports that the attendance in the Library has 
been excellent throughout the year, some nine thousand visits 
having been made in all. The Associate Committee of Women, with 
their usual generosity, has presented the Library with a new Standard 
Dictionary, of which we were greatly in need. In all, sixty- two 
books have been added to the Library and seven hundred and 
thirty-two plates. The list of donors who contributed to the Library 
comprise the following : 

The Associate Committee of Women Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchinson 

The Class of 1932 Mrs. Eli Kirk Price 

The Class of 1933 Dr. James C. Miller 

Mr. Rossiter Howard Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson 

Mr. Thornton Oakley Mr. Edward Warwick 

Of the sixty-two books placed upon the shelves of the Library, 
twenty-two were purchased from the John T. Morris Fund, dealing 
mainly with contemporary art. They have been greatly appreciated 
by the students in all courses. 


The students in the course of Interior and Furniture Design 
have visited various exhibitions and buildings, as follows: 

Lighting Exhibit, Architects Building 
Philadelphia Savings Fund Society 

Girard College Chapel 
New Wanamaker Store (specially 

conducted tour) 

New WCAU Studios 

Cosmopolitan Club 

Valiant's Furniture and Interior 

Decoration Shop 
Mr. Richard Dooner's Recently 

Opened Studios 

The Costume Design class presented their fashion show at the 
Bankers and Manufacturers Club the afternoon and evening of April 
20th. The dresses and gowns shown were the work of the students 
of this class. The School was most fortunate in having the coopera- 
tion of many distinguished textile manufacturers, who donated 
fabrics to be fashioned into costumes. The manufacturers who have 
so generously contributed are: 

Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company 
American Fabrics Company 
American Woolen Company 
Ardross Worsted Company 

Blackinton Company 
Bloomsburg Silk Mills 
Botany Worsted Mills 
Wellington, Sears Company 

(Brookside Finishing Company) 
Celanese Corporation of America 
Cheney Brothers 

Cleveland Worsted Mills Company 
Cohn-Hall-Marx Company 
Continental Mills, Inc. 
Crompton-Richmond Company, Inc. 
Dumari Textile Company, Inc. 
Du Pont Rayon Company 
C. K. Eagle and Company, Inc. 

N. Erlanger, Blumgart and Company 

Federated Textiles, Inc. 
Folwell Brothers and Company 
Haas Brothers 
Lorraine Manufacturing Company 

(Federated Textiles, Inc., Distributors) 
H. R. Mallinson and Company, Inc. 
Rossman Brothers and Messner, Inc. 

Stehli Silk Corporation 
Moss-Still, Inc. 
L. and E. Stirn, Inc. 


Trippe, Barker and Company 
Walther Manufacturing Company 
Sydney Blumenthal and Company, Inc. 

(Shelton Looms) 
William Openhym and Sons 
Henry Glass and Company 

During the school year the following exhibitions were held: 

I Student Summer Sketches 
II Cape Cod Students 

III Raphael Cavaliere — Illustrations 

IV William Rittasse — Photographs 
V Chinese Prints from 

Mr. Matsumoto 
VI Luigi Spizzirri — Painting 
VII Henry Pitz — Drawings and 

VIII Advertising Originals — 
Newspaper Work 

IX Earl Horter — Pencil, pastel, 

prints and painting 
X Advertising Originals — Courtesy 

N. W. Ayer 
XI Nature Study Drawing — Student 

XII Cast Drawing — Student Work 

XIII Justin Pardi — Painting 

XIV Annual Alumni Exhibition — 

Work by members in various 

The Textile School's forty-ninth year, just completed, is out- 
standing by reason of its record of progress in the face of unusual 


difficulties, a fact that cannot fail to justify a feeling of relief and 
satisfaction among those who have taken on the responsibility of 
providing for and directing the School's life. 

The Summer of 1932 resulted in a decided gain to the School 
by reason of the program of research made possible by the Textile 
Alliance Fund. The Staff was divided into eight groups, each with 
its own problem concerning something basic in the industry, 
especially as to its bearing on the appearance and feel of the 
manufactured goods, including raw materials, color, structure and 
finish. The results of the first Summer's effort were ample justifica- 
tion, and suggest lines of continued study. 

There is encouragement in the realization that while the Day 
School enrollment is short of the peak of a few years ago, it is about 
twelve per cent greater than that of the preceding year. The mental 
standard of the student body continues high. While the entrance 
requirements call for the completion of a four-year High School 
course, about one-third of the students had attended one or more 
colleges, and about twelve per cent possessed one or more college 
degrees. Obviously, with such material we look for, and as a mat- 
ter of fact, secure, increasingly better results. This is reflected in 
the current annual exhibition of students' work. There is decided 
improvement in variety, quality, freshness and clarity of color and 

During the year two exhibitions were sent out, one to a Boy 
Scout celebration in New Cumberland, Pa., and another to the 
Commercial Museum, as a part of the National Knitting Arts Annual 
Exposition. This latter exhibition was made possible through the 
courtesy of the Exposition management in placing two adjoining 
booths, in good locations, at our disposal in recognition of the 
School's service to the industry. It was pleasant to note that 
former students attending the Exposition made our booths their 

There has been no increase in the extent of the scientific and 
mechanical equipment during the year just closed, but it is gratifying 
to be able to report that all machinery and apparatus, through the 
efforts of our Staff, has been maintained at our high standard of 

We have received from friends of the School about forty 
contributions of chemicals, dyestuffs, oils and soaps, as well as 
raw materials and yarns, aggregating approximately $600, thus 
making possible a corresponding saving in running expense. 

The School continues to have the confidence of the National 
War and Navy Departments, six officers having been assigned for 


courses of study tending better to fit them for the purchase of the 
vast supplies of textiles needed by the various branches of the Service. 

In closing, I wish to express my appreciation of the splendid 
support and cooperation afforded me by the Trustees, the Associate 
Committee of Women, the staff and the faculty in bringing the 
school year to a successful conclusion. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Edward Warwick, 


June 12, 1933 



For the Fiscal Year ended May 31, ig^ 


State of Pennsylvania Contribution $ 37,500.00 

Commissioners of Fairmount Park on 

account of Maintenance of Museums . . . 73,272.99 

Contributions for Maintenance 32,750.36 

Income from Endowments and 

Unrestricted Museum Funds 51,084.61 

Membership Dues 18,030.00 

Tuition Fees 133,020.00 

Interest on Bank Balances 184.06 


Due from State of Pennsylvania May 31, 1933 12,500.00 

Due from Commissioners of Fairmount Park, 

May 31, 1933 4,009.66 

Excess of Expenditures 8,339.92 



School Maintenance $204,788.73 

Museum Maintenance 137,993-12 

Administration, Interest and Insurance . . . 27,909.75 





Cash on Hand and in Bank $ 83,541.52 

Real Estate (cost) $ 550,778.99 

Less Mortgage 500,000.00 


Investments (cost) 2,188,783-18 

Due by State of Pennsylvania 12,500.00 

Due by Commissioners of Fairmount 

Park 4,009.66 

Due by Special Contributions to 

Museums 1,600.00 


Balance 197,755-05 



Endowment and Restricted Funds $2,248,527.89 

Miscellaneous Funds 58,440.51 

Loans from Museum Funds 197,000.00 

Loans from Bank 35,000.00 


*The value of the Art Collections is not included in this 

We have examined the books and accounts of the Pennsylvania 
Museum of Art for the year ending May 31, 1933, and we hereby 
certify that the foregoing Report of the Treasurer and the Statement 
of Assets and Liabilities correctly set forth the true financial position 
of the Institution as of that date. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Chas. C. Hunziker, 

Certified Public Accountant. 
June 9, 1933. 



To the President and Board of Trustees: 

This has been a year of great and profound changes. The 
Museum suffered in the death of its President, Eli Kirk Price, one 
of the greatest losses it has ever sustained — a loss quite as great to 
the Associate Committee of Women. A man of wide experience and 
cultured taste, he was uniformly courteous to and considerate of 
the members of this Committee. 

In the resignation of Mrs. Frank Thorne Patterson as President 
of the Associate Committee of Women, the members suffered another 
great loss. Ever faithful in the performance of her manifold duties 
and always considerate of the other members, Mrs. Patterson has 
been an inspiration to the Committee of which she has been president 
for the past eight years. Since her resignation, she has served as a 
member with her usual enthusiasm and deep interest in the work 
of the Committee, of the School, and of the Museum. 

We are happy to report that Mrs. Henry Brinton Coxe accepted 
the election to fill Mrs. Patterson's unexpired term. 

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the death of 
Mrs. Henry S. Grove and Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs, honorary members 
of the Committee, who had served so faithfully. During the year 
the Committee accepted with regret the resignations of Mrs. Arthur 
Judson and Mrs. FitzEugene Dixon. 

Due to the distressing financial condition now prevailing, the 
Committee decided not to celebrate Colonial Days this year. Because 
of the great success achieved by the Committee last year in the 
Colonial Day celebration, in which a Pageant was presented and 
nine Colonial Houses in Fairmount Park were opened in commemora- 
tion of the Bi-Centennial of the Birth of George Washington, many 
inquiries have been received regarding these Days. The Committee 
hopes to celebrate Colonial Days as soon as times are more propitious. 

The Publicity Committee of the Associate Committee of Women 
was able to obtain the publication of articles on the Chain of 
Colonial Houses in Fairmount Park in many periodicals and in 
newspapers throughout the country during the past year. Almost 
all this excellent publicity was due to the untiring efforts of Mrs. 
Henry A. Berwind, Jr. 

Generous donations have been made this year to the Property 
Room of the School. It is always greatly in need of new articles on 
account of the great demand upon it from all the classes. Especially 
noteworthy and interesting were gifts of a wedding dress and two 
Brittany costumes. 


The Fashion Show was held as usual in the early Spring. The 
Costume Design Class was fortunate in having judges from Phila- 
delphia and from New York — women eminent in the fashion world 
whose criticisms were valuable to the students. The seniors visited 
New York early in March, where they had an opportunity to visit 
a wholesale dress and suit house and several department stores 
and shops. 

The various committees relating to the work of the students 
of the School report continuous progress. 

The Library is continuing its usefulness under the able direction 
of Miss Fryer. Special thanks are due Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Price 
for their numerous gifts of magazines, photographs and books. 
Other outstanding contributions are a three year subscription to 
Printers' Ink, given by the Class of 1932; a copy of the "Toilers of 
the Sea, ' ' illustrated by Vierge and Hugo, presented by Mr. Thornton 
Oakley; "Rheims," by R. Burmand, illustrated by Benito, presented 
by Mr. Edward Warwick; "Ant Hills and Soap Bubbles," illustrated 
by Grace Norcross, purchased by the Library Fund, to add to the 
shelf of books illustrated by former students, and a handsome new 
Standard Dictionary given by the Committee. 

On September 19th, 1932, our Students' League House opened 
for its twenty-fourth year. Many gifts of various kinds were received 
from members of the Associate Committee of Women, among them 
being gifts of magazines, books, and tickets for concerts and enter- 
tainments which always give much pleasure to the students. Mrs. 
Patterson and Mrs. Meirs also contributed several much needed 
pieces of furniture. The tea given by Mrs. Patterson at her own 
house was the most delightful social event of the season for the 
League House students. The Committee wishes to express its deepest 
appreciation of the excellent care taken of the girls and of the house 
by its efficient and sympathetic housemother, Mrs. Dorothy Mohr. 

Many generous donations have been made by members of the 
Committee for prizes which were awarded to the students for 
outstanding work on recommendation of the Faculty members at 
the close of the school term. 

The academic work of the School is showing marked progress 
and improvement. In directing the development of the School, great 
emphasis is being laid upon fundamentals and their application to 
professional work. Every encouragement is given to the development 
and cultivation of taste and selection. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Elizabeth Conway Clark, 

Corresponding Secretary. 




Benefactors, who contribute or bequeath $25,000 or more to the 

Patrons, who contribute or bequeath $5,000 to the Corporation. 

Fellows, who contribute $1,000 at one time. 

Life Members, who contribute $500 at one time. 

Associates, who contribute $250 a year. 

Sustaining Members, who contribute $100 a year. 

Contributing Members, who contribute $25 a year. 

Annual Members, who contribute $10 a year. 

Any person may be elected a Benefactor, Patron, Fellow or Life 
Member, who shall have made a gift to an amount requisite for 
admission to the respective class, and an Honorary Benefactor, 
Honorary Patron or Honorary Fellow, who shall have made a loan 
of an important work of art or collection of a value equal to the 
gift of the corresponding class of members of the Corporation. 

Benefactors, Patrons, Fellows and Life Members are not liable 
to annual dues. 

All funds received from Benefactors, Patrons, Fellows and Life 
Members are permanently invested as part of the Endowment Fund, 
unless otherwise requested by the donor. 



Benefactors, Patrons and Fellows are enrolled in perpetuity. 
The names of those deceased are indicated by italics. 


Bal/gh, Margaret L. 

Bok, Mary Louise Curtis 

Bov/man, Elizabeth Malcolm 

Brock, Alice G. 

Carnegie Corporation 

Chandler, Percy M. 

Clark, Edward W. 

Curtis, Cyrus H. K. 

Darlet, Francis F. S. 

Dolfinger, Henry 

Eakins, Susan Macdowell 

Elkins, William M. 

Frishmuth, Sarah S. 

General Education Board 

Gibson, Mary K. 

Harding, Dorothea Barney 

Helme, William E. 

Henry, Mrs. Charles Wolcott 

Janney, Walter C. 

Jehks, Johh Story 

Johnson, Eldridge Reeves 

Keehmle, M. Theresa 


Lea, Charlotte Augusta 

Lorimer, George Horace 

Ludihgtoh, Charles H. 

Magee, James R. 

Martin, John C. 

McIlhehht, Johh D. 

McLeah, William L. 

Moore, Clara J. 

Morris, Johh T. 

Morris, Ltd/a Thompsoh 

Rice, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton 

Robinette, Edward B. 

Shippeh, Elizabeth Swift 

Sinkler, Wharton 

Sinkler, Mrs. Wharton 

Stokes, J. Stogdell 

Taylor, Roland L. 

Temple, Joseph E. 

Warden, William G. 

Weightmah, William 

Widener, George D. 

Williams, Mary Adeline 



Dixon, FitzEugene 
Dixon, Mrs. FitzEugene 
Gar van, Francis P. 
Gar van, Mrs. Francis P. 

Parsons, Ella 
Pitcairn, Raymond 
Stotesbury, Edward T. 
Stotesbury, Mrs. Edward T. 

Williams, Mary A. 


Baird, Johh 
Bartoh, Susah R. 
Berwihd, Harry A. 
Bispham, George Tucker 
Blahchard, Ahha 

Blahchard, Harriet 
Bodihe, Samuel T. 
Bok, Edward 
Braun, John F. 
Brown, Henry I. 


PATRONS (Continued) 

Brown, Mrs. John A., Jr. 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 
Busch, Henry Paul 
Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. 
Cheston, Radcliffe, Jr. 
Cheston, Mrs. Radcliffe, Jr. 
Childs, George W. 
Clark, Clarence M. 
Collet, Mark Wilkes 
Collins, Philip S. 
Combs, Mary A. 
Cramp, Mrs. Theodore W. 
Crane, John A. 
Cressoh, James H. 
deForest, Mrs. Robert W. 
Dick, William A. 
Dick, Mrs. William A. 
Disston, Henry and Sons 
Dobbins, Mart A. 
Dolan, Clarence W. 
Dolan, H. Yale 
Dolan, Isabelle W. 
Dolan, Thomas 
Drexel, A. J. 
Drexel, F. A. 
Fitler, Mrs. William W. 
Flagg, Stanley Griswold 
Foster, Frank B. 
Foster, Mrs. Frank B. 
Fuguet, Howard 
Garrett, Julia 
Garrett, W. E., Jr. 
Gibson, Henrt C. 
Gibson, Henry C. 
Gibson, Susan W. P. 
Gribbel, John 
Griscom, Rodman E. 
Harkness, Mrs. Edward S. 
Harrison, Emilt Leland 
Harrison, Thomas Skeltoh 
Helme, Mrs. William E. 
Henry, Mrs. J. Norman 
Hoffman, Benjamin R. 
Houstoh, H. H. 

Ingersoll, Charles E. 
J anne y, Mrs. Walter C. 
Jenks, John S. 
Kent, A. At water 
Kent, Mrs. A. At water 
Larner, Chester W. 
Laughlin, Anne Irwin 
Laughlin, Henrt A. 
Lea, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Lea, Henrt C. 
Lea, 7v(ina 

Leiper, Mrs. James G., Jr. 
Lewis, Francis W. 
Lippincott, Agnes 
Lippincott, Walter 
Ludington, Wright S. 
Madeira, Betty Campbell 
Magee, Fannie S. 
Martin, Mrs. John C. 
McCarthy, John A. 
McClatchy, John H. 
McFadden, George 
McFadden, John H. 
McIlhenny, Mrs. John D. 
Meigs, Mrs. Arthur V. 
Morris, Samuel W. 
Munthe, General J. W. N. 
}{eumah, Charles V. 
Nichols, Mrs. H. S. Prentiss 
Page, Louis Rodman 
Patterson, Mrs. Frank Thorne 
Pell, Alfred Duane 
Penrose, Boies 
Poe, Mrs. Edgar Allan 
'Price, Eli Kirk 
Purves, Elizabeth Gilkison 
Re a, Mary M. Black 
Rea, Samuel 
Ritchie, Craig D. 
Roberts, Mrs. Howard 
Rockefeller, John D., Jr. 


Scott, Anna D. 
Seabrease, ?s£. M. 


PATRONS (Continued) 

Search, Theodore C. 
Seeler, Edgar V. 
Seeler, Mrs. Edgar V. 
Simpson, Alex., Jr. 
Smith, Albert L. 
Smith, Mrs. Alfred Percival 
Smith, Mrs. C. Morton 
Smith, Edward B., Jr. 
Smith, Geoffrey S. 
Smith, John Story 
Smith, W. Hinckle 
Starr, Isaac Tathall 


Sullivan, James F. 
Sulzberger, Mayer 
Tatlor, Mart E. 
Thompson, Mrs. William Boyce 
Tyler, Mrs. John J. 
Tyson, Carroll S., Jr. 
Tyson, Mrs. Carroll S., Jr. 
Wasserman, Joseph 
Whitney, A. and Sons 
Williams, Mrs. Charles F. 
Wister, Sabine dTnvilliers 
Wister, Sarah Ttler 


First Baptist Church of 

duPont, Henry F. 
Fleisher, Walter A. 
Numismatic and Antiquarian 

Society of Philadelphia 
Powel, T. I. Hare 

Robinson, Elise Biddle 
Rotan, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Scott, Mary Howard Sturgis 
Steel, Mrs. Alfred G. B. 
Stout, C. Frederick C. 
Stout, Mrs. C. Frederick C. 
Widener, Joseph E. 


Allen, Laura 

Armstrong, F. Wallis 

Artman, Caroline Foerderer 

Austin, Lucylle 

Baird, Mrs. Edgar Wright 

Baker, Mrs. Samuel M. 

Ballard, Ellis Ames 

Battles, Frank 

Beeber, Dimner 

Belfield, T. Broom 

Belmont, E. A. 

Benson, Mrs. Edwin N., Jr. 

Berwind, Mrs. Henry A. 

Bettle, Mrs. Samuel 

Biddle, Mrs. Arthur 

Blair, .Andrew 

Blair, Mrs. Andrew 

Bochman, Charles F. 

Bockius, Morris R. 

Bond, Charles 
Bowen, Samuel B. 
Boyd, William 
Bracken, Francis B. 
Brown, James Crosby 
Brubaker, Mrs. Albert P. 
Bullitt, Orville H. 
Burnham, Mrs. George, Jr. 
Cardeza, Charlotte D. M. 
Carruth, John G. 
Carson, Hampton L. 
Carter, Mrs. William T. 
Cassatt, Gardner 
Cassatt, Robert K. 
Chamberlin, William B. 
Clifford, Henry 
Coleman, Fanny B. 
Coles, Mary Roberts 
Coltoh, Mrs. Sabin W., Jr. 


FELLOWS (Continued) 

Coxe, Mrs. Alexander Brown 
Coxe, Mrs. Henry Brinton 
Crane, T. I. 
Crane, Mrs. Theron I. 
Curtin, William Wilson 
Davis, Mrs. Charles P. 
Day, Charles C 
Day, Mrs. Charles C. 
de Cerkez, Mrs. Euphemia P. 
deSchauensee, Mrs. Rodolphe 
Dickson, Arthur G. 
Dixon, Mrs. Samuel G. 
Dodge, Mrs. James Mapes 
Dorrance, John T. 
Dorrance, Mrs. John T. 
duPoht, Bertha Taylor 
dupont, lammot 
duPont, Pierre S. 
duPont, Mrs. Pierre S. 
duPont, Mrs. William K. 
Earle, Mrs. George H., Jr. 
Eisenlohr, Charles J. 
Evans, Ralph B. 
Fels, Samuel S. 
Fisher, Edith T. 
Flagg, Mrs. Stanley G. 
Frazier, George Harrison 
Frazier, Mrs. George Harrison 
Fry, Wilfred W. 
Fuller, Walter D. 
Fuller, Mrs. Sara K. 
Fuller, Mrs. William A. M. 
Gates, Thomas S. 
Geist, Clarence H. 
Gest, William P. 
Gibson, Mrs. Henry C. 
Greenfield, Albert M. 
Griffith, Mrs. Charles Francis 
Griswold, Mrs. Frank Tracey 
Groome, Mrs. John C. 
Hallahan, Walter/. 
Hart, Charles D. 
Hart, Mary M. 
Hatfield, Henry Reed 

Henson, Edward F. 
Hinchman, Mrs. Charles S. 


Hockley, Amelia D. 
Hopkinson, Edward, Jr. 
Horn, Joseph V. 
Horner, Samuel, Jr. 
Hubbard, Mrs. Henry V. 
Huff, Mrs. George F. 
Humphreys, Letitia 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Joseph B. 
Hutchinson, Sydney E. 
Ingersoll, Henry McKean 
Ingersoll, R. Sturgis 
Jayne, Mrs. Henry LaBarre 
Jayne, Horace H. F. 
Jenkins, Charles F. 
Johnson, Alba B. 
Johnson, Mrs. Edwin J. 
Johnson, Mary Warner 
Keen, Edwin F. 
Kuehnle, C. Albert 
Ladd, Mrs. Westray 
Lavino, E. JT. 
Lee, Henry Livingston 
Leeds, Morris E. 
Lippincott, J. Bertram 
Lippincott, Mrs. J. Bertram 
Loeb, Arthur 
Louchheim, Jerome H. 
Mansure, Edmund L. 
Mason, John H., Sr. 
Mason, Rebecca P. Steveksoh 
McCreary, Mrs. George D. 
McFadden, J. Franklw 
McGill, Mary E. 
McMichael, Emory 
McMurtrie, Ellen 
McVitty, Albert E. 
Meirs, Mrs. Richard Waln 
Mercer, William R. 
Mercer, Mrs. William R. 
Miller, George 
Moore, Mrs. William H. 


FELLOWS (Continued) 

Morgan, Frances B. W. 
Morris, Lawrence J. 
Morris, Mrs. Samuel W. 
Moss, Frank H. 
Moss, Mrs. Frank H. 
Munson, George S. 
Munson, Mrs. George S. 
Newbold, Arthur E., Jr. 
Newton, A. Edward 
Norton, Mrs. Nathaniel R. 
Peck, Staunton B. 
Peck, Mrs. Staunton B. 
Pell, Cornelia Livingston 
Price, Mrs. Eli Kirk 
Price, Warwick James 
Prime, Mrs. Alfred C. 
Randolph, Anna 
Reath, Mrs. B. Brannan, ind 
Rebmann, Godfrey 
Rebmann, Mrs. Godfrey 
Reifsntder, Howard 
Reillt, George 
Roberts, Mrs. Edward 
Robins, Thomas 
Rodenbough, Elmer E. 
Roosevelt, Nicholas G. 
Rosenbach, A. S. W. 
Rosenbach, Philip H. 


Santa Eulalia, Covhtess Eliza' 


Saunders, W. L. 
Saunders, Mrs. W. L. 
Simon, Edward P. 

Sinkler, Caroline S. 

Sinkler, Mrs. James M. R. 

Smith, Lewis Lawrence 

Starr, Mrs. Isaac Tatnall 

Stengel, Mrs. Alfred 

Stewart, W. Plunkett 

Stimson, Anna K. 

Stokes, Mrs. J. Stogdell 

Stotesbury, Mrs. Edward T. 

Strawbridge, Frederic H. 

Strawbridge, Mrs. Frederic H. 

Sullivan, John J. 

Thomson, Anne 

Thomson, Mrs. Frank Graham 

Thomson, Walter S. 

Townsend, Mrs. David 

Tubize Artificial Silk Co. 

VanDyke,J. W. 

Van Sciver, George D. 

Vaux, Henry Pepper 

Vaux, Mrs. Henry Pepper 

Wainwright, F. King 

Waller, Mrs. Littleton W.T., Jr. 

Wanamaker, Rodman 

Ward, T. Johnson 

Warriner, Samuel D. 

Williams, David E. 

Williams, John B. 

Wills, Mrs. William M. 

Windrim, John T. 

Wurts, Mrs. C. Stewart 

Yarnall, Charlton 

Yarnall, Mrs. Charlton 

Yeatman, Mrs. Pope 



Borie, Adolphe 
Cadwalader, Mary H. F. 
Davis, Bernard 
Easby, Mrs. John H. 
Harrison, H. Norris 
Harrison, John, Jr. 
Hayward, Nathan 

Hayward, Mrs. Nathan 
Kuhn, C. Hartman 
Lea, Elizabeth Jaudon 
Lea, Van Antwerp 
McIlhenny, Henry P. 
Newbold, Clement B. 
Pennsylvania Hospital 



Pitcairn, Theodore 
Smith, Esther Morton 
Society of the Sons of 

St. George 
Thomson, Archibald G., Jr. 
Tilghman, Benjamin C. 

Wanamaker, Thomas B., Jr. 
Wells, Helen Douw 
Williams, Mrs. John S. 
Wistar, Frances A. 
Wister, Owen 
Yellin, Samuel 


Abbott, Yarn all 

Allen, Joseph 

Audenried, Mrs. Lewis 

Baeder, Adamson & Co. 

Baily, Albert L. 

Barney, Charles D. 

Barney, James W. 

Battles, H. H. 

Battles, Mrs. H. H. 

Beardwood, Mrs. Joseph T. 

Beck, Adele M. 

Bein, August 

Bell, Mrs. Samuel Howard, Jr. 

Blaetz, Jacob H. 

Blakiston, Kenneth M. 

Blakiston, Mary 

Bland, Pascal Brooke 

Bland, Mrs. Pascal Brooke 

Boericke, Gideon 

Boger & Crawford 

Bok, Cary William 

Bower, Frank B. 

Bower, William H. 

Brazier, E. Josephine 

Bready, Edwin F. 

Breck, Mrs. William Roger 

Brengle, Henry G. 

Brock, Henry G. 

Bromley, John 

Bryant, Henry G. 

Budd, Edward G. 

Busch, Mrs. Henry Paul 

Busch, Miers 

Butcher, Henry C. 

Butcher, Mrs. Henry C. 

Butler, Mrs. Edgar H. 

Caldwell, J. E. & Co. 

Campbell, Milton 

Canby, W. Marriott 

Canby, Mrs. W. Marriott 

Capp, Seth Bunker 

Carpenter, Aaron E. 

Catherwood, Mrs. D. B. Cumins 

Chase, Mrs. Mary Justice 

Clapp, Mrs. B. Frank 

Clark, Charles D. 

Clark, Walton 

Clark, Mrs. Walton 

Clarke, Louis S. 

Cochran, M. 

Coleman, Edward R. 

Collins, Alfred M. 

Collins, Mrs. P. S. 

Cope, Caroline E. 

Crosby, Everett U. 

D'Ascenzo, Nicola 

Day, Mrs. Richard H. 

De La Cour, J. Carl 

De La Cour, Mrs. J. Carl 

Dilks, Walter H. 

Dilks, Mrs. Walter H. 

Dobson, John and James, Inc. 

Dreer, Mrs. William F. 

Drexel, Mrs. John R. 

Drinker, Henry S., Jr. 


Eagleson, John 

Easby, Mrs. William, Jr. 

Eddystone Mfg. Co. 

Elkins, George W., Jr. 

Ellis, Mrs. William Struthers 


LIFE MEMBERS (Continued) 

Eshner, Augustus A. 

Evans, Charles 

Evans, Lena Cadwalader 

Evans, Thomas 

Evans, Mrs. Thomas 

Eyre, Mrs. Laurence 

Fay, Leonard A. 

Fels, Mrs. Samuel S. 

Fisher, Maud 

Fleisher, Arthur A. 

Ford, Mrs. Bruce 

Foulkrod, Mrs. John J., Jr. 

Fromuth, August G. 

Galloway, Walter B. 

Garrett, Mrs. Walter 

Gest, Mrs. John Marshall 

Geyelin, Mrs. Emile C. 

Greene, Mrs. William Houston 

Griscom, Frances C. 

Groves, Mrs. F. Stanley, Jr. 

Hacker, Mrs. Caspar W. 

Halstead, Mrs. David 

Harper, William Warner 

Harper, Mrs. William Warner 

Harrison, George L. 

Harrison, Henry Norris 

Harrison, John, Jr. 

Harvey, J. S. C. 

Harvey, Mrs. J. S. C. 

Harvey, R. Wistar 

Heimerdinger, Leo H. 

Heppe, Florence J. 

Hetzel, George C. 

Hill, George W. 

Hinchman, Anne 

Hires, Charles E. 

Hoffman, Mrs. J. Ogden 

Holmes, Mrs. Christian R. 

Holton, J. S. W. 

Horn & Hard art Baking Co. 

Horrocks, Chas. M. & J. Howard 

horstmann, wllliam h. 

Ingersoll, Mrs. Charles E. 

Ingersoll, Charles Jared 
Irwin, H. DeWitt 
Jackson, Albert Atlee 
Jackson, Mrs. Albert Atlee 
Jarden, Mrs. Mary Templin 
Jayne, David & Sons, Inc. 
Johnson, Mrs. George K. 
Johnson, Herbert 
Johnson, R. Winder 
Justi, Henry M. 
Keen, Mrs. Edwin F. 
Keen, Florence 
Kennedy, John M., Jr. 
Klauder, Charles, Z. 
Klebansky, Mrs. Wolf 
Kohn, Harry E. 
Kohn, Irving 

Krumbhaar, Mrs. Edward B. 
Landenberger, J. William 
Leisenring, Edward B. 
Lewis, Mrs. John Frederick 
Lewis, Richard A. 
Lloyd, Malcolm, Jr. 
Loeb, Mrs. Herman 
Logan, Mrs. Robert R. 
Ludlow, Benjamin H. 
MacCoy, W. Logan 
MacCoy, Mrs. W. Logan 
MacNeill, William 
Madeira, Louis C. & Sons 
Martin, Mrs. Sydney E. 
Mason, Jane Graham 
Matteossian, Mrs. Her ant 

May, Mrs. Joseph 
McCahan, William J., Jr. 
McLanahan, M. Hawley 
McMichael, Mrs. Emory 
McNeely, Florence 
McNeely, Mrs. Robert K. 
McOwen, Frederick 
Meigs, Arthur I. 
Mertz, Mrs. Oscar E. 
Mertz, Oscar E., Jr. 


LIFE MEMBERS (Continued) 

Miles, Thomas H. 
Miller, Mrs. E. Clarence 
Millville Mfg. Co. 
Milne, David 
Minds, John H. 
Montgomery, Robert L. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert L. 
Moore, Mrs. Amory C. 
Moore, Clarence B. 
Morris, Effingham B. 
Morton, Mrs. Arthur V. 
Newbold, Mrs. John S. 
Newton, Mrs. A. Edward 
Newton, E. Swift 
Newton, Mrs. Jewett B. 
Oehrle Brothers 
Oliver Knitting Co. 
Peck, Arthur 
Perot, T. Morris, Jr. 
Pitcairn, Raymond 
Powers, Thomas Harris 
Proctor and Schwartz 
Provident Trust Co. 
Quaker Lace Co. 
Robbins, George A. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charles 
Roberts, George Brinton 
Roberts, Mrs. George Brinton 
Robins, Mrs. Thomas 
Robinson, Anthony Wayne 
Rossmassler, Walter H. 
Ryan, James J. 
Schmidt, Charles E. 
schoettle, edwin j. 
Scholes, William, Sons, Inc. 
Schwehn, Harry J. 
Segal, Adolph 
Semple, Helen 
Sew all, Arthur W. 
Sewall, Mrs. Arthur W. 
Smith, Henry C. 
Smith, Horace Eugene 

Smith, J. Willison 
Smith, Mrs. Jacqueline H. 
Smith, Mrs. Lewis Lawrence 
Spink, William 
Steel Heddle Mfg. Co. 
Steele, Joseph M. 
Stewardson, Emlyn L. 
Stokes, Mrs. Horace 
Stork, Mrs. Theophilus B. 
Sullivan, James J. 
Supplee- Wills-Jones Milk Co. 
Sutro, Paul E. 
Sykes Brothers, Inc. 
Taylor, John C. 
Thayer, Mrs. Sydney 
Thomas, T. Lewis 
Thropp, Mrs. Joseph E. 
Todd, Mrs. Forde Anderson 
Tonner, Mrs. William T. 
Townsend, John Barnes 
Townsend, Mrs. John Barnes 
Tyler, Sidney F. 
Vaughan, Charles P. 
Vaughan, Mrs. Ira 
Wagner, Samuel 
Warner, Langdon 
Weimer, Albert B. 
Welsh, Francis Ralston 
Wetherill and Brother 
Whit all, Tatum Co. 
White, Thomas Raeburn 
White, Mrs. Thomas Raeburn 
Williams, Mrs. David E. 
Williams, Parker S. 
Wistar, J. Morris 
Wood, Mrs. Charles Martin 
Wood, Mrs. Richard D. 
Wood, Walter 
Woodward, Mrs. George 
Wriggins, Charles C. 
Wright, Mrs. Raymond D. B. 
Wyatt, Mrs. Walter S. 

Zimmerman, Mason W. 



Fairmount Park Art Association Wetherill, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Roberts, Mrs. Percival, Jr. Wood, Edward Randolph 

Wurts, Robert Kennedy 


Abbott's Dairies, Inc. 
Bachman, Mr. and Mrs. 

Frank H. 
Bains, E. 

Bates, Daniel Moore 
Biddle, Mr. and Mrs. 

James G. 
Bloch, Arthur 
Bodine, William W. 
Bolles, Mrs. E. M. 
Bonnell, Mrs. Henry H. 
Bromley, Henry S. 
Brownell, Eleanor O. 
Burlap, Martin 
Clothier, Isaac H., Jr. 
Converse, Mary E. 
Cooke, Mrs. Morris 

Crozer, George K., Jr. 
Curran, Mrs. George W. 
Cuyler, Mrs. T. DeWitt 
Dearnley, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Degn, William L. 
Dingee, Mrs. J. H. 
Dixon, Mrs. C. G. 
Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. 

Donald D. 
Drexel, Mrs. George W. 

Dykeman & Loeb 
Fearon, Charles 
Felin, William E. 
Fischer, A. Koerting 
Fisher, Mrs. Thomas 
Foerderer, Percival E. 
Freeman, Mrs. Samuel M. 

Freund, Rudolph 
Garrett, R. E. 
Gates, Jay 
Gibbs Underwear 

Griscom, William B. 
Haines, Mrs. William H. 
Hart, Mrs. Charles 

Henderson, Mrs. Samuel J. 
Howland, Alice G. 
Ingersoll, Jeannie Hobart 
Jeanes, Mrs. Isaac W. 
Knipe, Walter E. 
Kolb, Sarah 

Leas, Mrs. Donald Stewart 
Legge, Percy A. 
Leigh ton, A. O. 
Leighton, Mrs. A. O. 
Lewis, Theodore J. 
Lippincott, C. Carroll 
Logan Investment Society 
Ludington, C. Townsend 
MacCoy, M. Helen 
Markoe, Mrs. John 
McCarthy, Edith 
McCurdy, Mrs. Josephine B. 
McKinley, Richard S. 
McQuillen, Daniel N. 
Mellor, Norman 
Mitchell, Allen R. and Sons 
Montgomery, William J. 
Morris, E. H. 
Morris, H. C. 

Moss Rose Manufacturing 

Newbold, Eugene S. 
Peirce, Wilmot Grant 
Peirce, Mrs. Wilmot Grant 
Pepper, William 
Pew, J. Howard 
Pew, Mrs. Mary C. 
Posey, William Campbell 
Quinn, Richard Lewis 
Reilly, Mrs. John 
Rhoads, William G. 
Richards, Samuel Bartram 
Rivinus, E. F. 
Rosenbach Galleries, The 
Samuel, Frank 
Shedaker, Mrs. C. Ardley 
Simon, Mrs. Stephen J. 
Snowden, F. Laird 
Snowden, Mrs. George G. 
Sproul,John R. 
Sprowles, Edwin G. 
Stroud, Mrs. Morris 

Thompson, Mrs. Arthur W. 
Thomson, Anne 
Tily, Herbert J. 
Turner, John S. 
Warden, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Walter S. 
Whiteley and Collier 
Willard, Mrs. De Forest P. 
Willcox, James M. 
Wood, Clement B. 
Wood, Marion Biddle 

Abbott, Francis L. 
Abbott, Gertrude 
Abbott, J. Herman 
Abmeyer, Gustav W. E. 
Abrahams , Robert D. 
Accurate Addressing Co. 


Achuff, Robert P. 
Acker, Mrs. Finley 
Adams, John Stokes 
Adamson, Mrs. C. B. 
Addis, Leonard M. 
Addison, W. H. F. 

Adelhelm.John S. 

Adger, Willian 

Adler, Cyrus 

Aertsen, Mrs. Guilliaem, Jr. 

Agnew, J. A. 

Albrecht, H. Carl 

Alden, E. H. 

Alexander, Mrs. Helen V. 
Alexander, Paul 
Alfaro, Heraclio 
Algase, Charles G. 
Alleman, Gellert 
Allen, A. Rushton 
Allen, Clifford P., Jr. 
Allen, Curtis 
Allen, Eugene Y. 
Allen, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Allen, Mrs. Frederick V. 
Allen, Mrs. Maria McKean 
Allen, William L. 
Allen, William J. P. 
Allen, William N. 
Aloe, Edward L. 
Alpern, Max 
Amadouni, Yervant V. 
Ames, Mrs. Winslow 
Ammen, W. W. 
Amram, Philip W. 
Anathan, Mrs. Louis 
Ancker, Mrs. Laurence L. 
Andersen, William 
Anderson, Mrs. Alfred B. 
Anderson, Frederic R. 
Anderson, Harriet 
Anderson, James R. 
Anderson, Mrs. John F. 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. 

Anderson, W. M. 
Anderson, Mrs. William 

Andrews, Schofield 
Andrussier, I. 
Anspach, Margaret McC. 
Antrim, Mrs. Harold T. 
Apel, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Archer, Mrs. F. Morse 
Archer, Wilbur L., Jr. 
Armistead, Mrs. S. G. 
Armistead, Mrs. W. M. 
Armstrong, Mrs. F. Wallis 
Arndt, Chas. Henry 
Arneth, Joseph A. 
Ashbridge, Emily R. 
Ashbrook, Mrs. Joseph 
Ashbrook, Roland C. 
Ashbrook, Mrs. Wm. S. 
Ashman, Mrs. Charles T. 
Ashton, George T. 
Ashton, Mrs. Leonard 
Ashton, Mrs. Thomas G. 
Aspden, Mrs. Newton J. 
Astley, Mrs. G. Mason 

Atkinson, Elizabeth A. 
Atkinson, Gertrude 
Atkinson, James H. 
Atkinson, Thomas H. 
Atkiss, William 
Atwood, Mrs. John C, Jr. 
Austin, Richard L. 
Avery, Mrs. Thomas 
Axelrod, G.J. 
Ayres, Mrs. Franklin M. 
Aydelotte, Frank 
Babb.John W. 
Babbitt, Niles S. 
Babcock, Mrs. W. Wayne 
Bacharach, Mrs. Jessie Oren 
Bach, Charles T. 
Bache, Margaret Hartman 
Bachofer, J. Louis 
Bacon, Mrs. Albert E. 
Bacon, Mrs. C. C. 
Bacon, Ellis W. 
Bacon, Mrs. Francis L. 
Badenhausen, Phillips 
Badger, Herbert L. 
Baer, B. F.Jr. 
Bagley, Helen A. 
Bahr, A. W. 
Bailey, Raymond H. 
Baily, Mrs. Theodore L. 
Bains, Erskine 
Baird, Edgar W. 
Baird, Joseph 
Baker, Mrs. Franklin, Jr. 
Baker, Mrs. Louis C, Jr. 
Baker, William Spohn 
Baker, Mrs. William Spohn 
Balch, Mrs. Edwin Swift 
Balderston, Mrs. H. L. 
Baldy, Hurley, Jr. 
Ball, Alfred J. 
Ball, Thomas H. 
Ballard, Mrs. Ellis Ames 
Ballard, Frederic Lyman 
Ballinger, Robert I. 
Baltzly, Mrs. C. C. 
Bancroft, Lydia A. 
Banes, Margaret 
Banes, Mrs. Walter D. 
Barclay, Mrs. William 

Bardenheuer, L. 
Bardsley, Walter R. 
Baringer, Milton F. 
Barish, Joseph 
Barnes, George Emerson 

Barnes, Mrs. John Hampton 
Barnes, Sarah 
Barr, Charles R. 
Barr, Florence K. 
Barr, Mrs. James W. 
Barratt, Alfred 
Barrows, Mrs. Sydney Biddle 
Barry, Mrs. David S., Jr. 
Bartlett, Martha 
Bartol, Eleanor G. 
Bartol, Mary Grier 
Barton, Mrs. H. H., Jr. 
Baruch, Mrs. Fernand 
Bathe, Mrs. Greville J. 
Baton, H. E. 
Baucher, Mrs. Solon 
Bauer, Russell J. 
Baugh, Helene A. 
Baugh, Pierce A. 
Baum,John A. 
Baxter, C. C. 
Bayard, Elise Gill 
Bayer, Elizabeth 
Bayfield, Mrs. Arthur F. 
Bayliss, Charles W. 
Beach, Edward W. 
Beale, Leonard T. 
Beale, W. T. M. 
Beamish, Mary F. 
Beath, E. R. 
Beaton, William F. 
Beaumont, Charles O. 
Bechmann, Mrs. William 
Beck, Charles W., Jr. 
Becker, Abraham J. 
Bedford, J. Claude 
Beerwald, Benjamin D. 
Beggs, Mrs. Elizabeth C. K. 
Bein, Amelia E. 
Beishlag, Mrs. B. E. 
Belding, Mrs. Wm. Squire 
Bell, C.Edward 
Bell, C. Herbert 
Bell, J. Percy 
Bell, John Cromwell 
Bell, Samuel, Jr. 
Belmont, L. A. 
Benedict, Henry H. 
Bennett, Mary A. 
Bennett, Mary H. 
Benson, Mrs. James F. 
Benson, R.Dale, Jr. 
Bent, Mrs. Quincy 
Benze, C. Theodore 
Berg, Adolph 
Berger, M. Russell 
Berkelbach,John S. 


Berlin, Mrs. Mabel M. 
Berry, Mrs. Thomas J. 
Bertolette, Helen 
Berwind, Mrs. Charles G. 
Berwind, Mrs. Henry A., Jr. 
Besson, Adele V. 
Beta Gamma Sigma Sorority 
Bettison, William Reese 
Beury, Charles E. 
Bickel, Charles E., Sr. 
Biddle, Christine W. 
Biddle, Mrs. Clement 
Biddle, Edith F. 
Biddle, Edward M. 
Biddle, Mrs. George 
Biddle, Robert 
Biederman, Louis 
Biernbaum.John Windrim 
Bigelow, Frederick S. 
Billett, Edward 
Birdsall, Joseph C. 
Birdsell, David C. 
Birdsell, R. W.,Jr. 
Bisbort, Louis A. 
Bisler, G. A. Jr. 
Bissell, E. Perot 
Black, Bertha 
Blackburne, Mrs. John S. 
Blakiston, Emma 
Blakiston, Miss M. E. 
Blankenburg, Mrs. Rudolph 
Blechschmidt, Jules 
Blight, Mrs. William S. 
Bloch, Mrs. Bernard 
Block, Mrs. Gordon A. 
Bloom, Robert 
Bloomfield, Mrs. 

Maximilian D. 
Blum, Mrs. Herman 
Blumenthal, Mrs. Jacob 
Blumenthal, Mr. and Mrs. 

Blumenthal, Moses L. 
Bodine, S. Laurence 
Bohlen, Francis H. 
Bok, W. Curtis 
Bok, Mrs. W. Curtis 
Bole, Mrs. John Clark 
Boltz, Mrs. Hazel Huckel 
Bonsall, Alice R. 
Bonsall, Edward H. 
Bonsall, Rodney T. 
Borden, A. Ezra 
Borden, Mrs. James B. 
Borie, Charles L.,Jr. 
Bosler, Mrs. Lester C. 

Bostwick, Mrs. George A. 
Botting, Clarke T. 
Bovver, Mrs. George R. 
Bowie, Pauline D. 
Bowman, C. Horace 
Boyce, Muriel Woodroffe 
Boyer, Mrs. Francis 
Boyer, Mrs. Henry C. 
Boylan, James F. 
Brady, Helen R. 
Brady, W. T. 
Bragdon, George D. 
Brandt, A. E. 
Branin, Dorothy A. 
Brannen, Laurence 
Branson, Thomas F. 
Branson, Mrs. Thomas F. 
Brasington, Elizabeth H. 
Braun, Mrs. Evelyn 

Bray, Mrs. Daniel 
Brazier, Mrs. H. Bartol 
Bregy, Mrs. Caroline Harrah 
Brehman, A. Balfour 
Breneman, Joseph T. 
Bretz, Carl A. 
Brewer, Franklin N. 
Breyer, Henry W., Jr. 
Brice, C. Fred 
Brice, Mrs. C. Fred 
Bright, Anna Linn 
Bright, John Irwin 
Bright, W. Stanley 
Brill, Mrs. J. Carl 
Brinkmann, Leon 
Brinton, Clarence C. 
Brinton, Francis D. 
Brinton, Mrs. Joseph Hill 
Brinton, Walter 
Brinton, Mrs. Walter 
Brister, Mrs. Elizabeth B. 
Brock, Elizabeth N. 
Broderick, Mr. and Mrs. 

Bromley, Charles S., Jr. 
Brooke, Mrs. George 
Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. 

Robert E. 
Brooks, A.J. 
Broomall, Mrs. Harold S. 
Brown, Andrew V. 
Brown, Mrs. C. M. 
Brown, Clarence M. 
Brown, Dee Carlton 
Brown, Elizabeth S. 
Brown, Everett H., Jr. 
Brown, Mrs. Francis Shunk 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. 

Brown, Jay H. 
Brown, Paul G. 
Brown, Mrs. Richard P. 
Brown, Mrs. Samuel B. 
Brown, Mrs. T. Wistar, 3rd 
Brown, William Findlay 
Brown, Mrs. Wilson H. 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 
Bruen, Catherine A. 
Brumbaugh, G. Edwin 
Brunker, Robert J. 
Bryant, Mrs. William 
Buchholz, Carl D. 
Buchholz, R. F. 
Buckley, Edward S., Jr. 
Buckley, Walter W. 
Budd, Edward G.Jr. 
Bullard, Alfred 
Bullard, Hope F. 
Bullitt, Margaret E. 
Bullitt, Mrs. Orville H. 
Bullock, Mrs. Benjamin 
Bunting, Mrs. James A. 
Burgin, Mr. and Mrs. 

Samuel S. 
Burk, Henry 
Burnham, E. Lewis 
Burnham, Mrs. George, 3rd 
Burnshaw, Mildred R. 
Burr, Charles W. 
Burroughs, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Bursk, Robert G. 
Burt, Edith B. 
Burt, M. Theodora 
Bush-Brown, James 
Bushnell, Joseph, Jr. 
Bushong, Mrs. M. E. 
Butcher, Mrs. Howard, Jr. 
Buten, Harry 
Butler, Allen 
Butler, Mrs. Charles 

Noble, Sr. 
Butler, Mrs. George T. 
Butterworth, Albert W. 
Butterworth, Henry W. 
Button, Mrs. Joseph Priestly 
Buzby, Charles E., Jr. 
Buzby, Ethel M. 
Byrnes, William C. 
Cabeen, Frank A., Jr. 
Cadwalader, Mrs. Lambert 
Cadwalader, Sophie 
Cadwalader, Mrs. William B. 
Cahn, Tillman 
Cain, W.J. 


Calvert, Mrs. Jennie Cooper 
Calwell, Mrs. Charles S. 
Camero, Blanche 
Campbell, Cora A. 
Campbell, Mrs. Mason 
Campion, A. Louise 
Campion, Horace T. 
Caner, Mrs. Harrison K. 
Cardeza, T. D. M. 
Carnwath, James 
Carpenter, Mrs. Charles E. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Hamilton D. 
Carpenter, Horace T. 
Carpenter, John T. 
Carpenter, Lucien B. 
Carr, Mrs. Charles D. 
Carr, Henry Ashley 
Carr, William A. 
Carre, Frank L. 
Carroll, Mrs. Mary 
Carroll, Peter F. 
Carson, John T. 
Carson, Joseph 
Carson, Robert 
Carter, Mrs. Charles L. 
Carter, Mrs. James Newman 
Carter, Wm. B. 

Carwither, Mrs. VanCourt 
Cary, Egbert S. 
Casey, Francis Yarnall 
Casey, James P. 
Casto, Mrs. Theodore D. 
Cauffman, Mr. and Mrs. 

George J. 
Cavendish, Mrs. George 

S. G. 
Caverly, Robert B. 
Caywood, Harry 
Chamberlain, W. Edward 
Chambers, Blanche Arnold 
Chambers, Francis T. 
Chambers, Francis T., Jr. 
Chambers, Mrs. Francis 

Chambers, J. Howard 
Chance, E. M. 
Chandler, Mrs. George F. 
Chandler, Mrs. Nancy K. 
Channell, Mary A. 
Chapman, Ardenia 
Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. 

Chapman, Mrs. T. Hudson 
Chew, David S. B. 
Chew, Elizabeth B. 
Childs, Alonzo Potter 

Christensen, Adolph 
Christian, A. W. 
Chrystie, Walter 
Church, Herbert 
Church, Mrs. Herbert 
Claffy, Louis K. 
Clair, Mrs. Maurice 
Clapp, Mrs. Algernon R. 
Clark, Bertha 
Clark, Clarence H. 
Clark, Mrs. Clarence H. 
Clark, E.W., Jr. 
Clark, Mrs. Edward Walter 
Clark, Edward Walter, 3rd 
Clark, Mrs. Edward 

Winslow, 3rd 
Clark, Henry F. 
Clark, Mrs. Herbert L. 
Clark, Mrs. John G. 
Clark, Joseph S. 
Clark, Mrs. Joseph S. 
Clark, Joseph S.,Jr. 
Clark, Lewis Neilson 
Clark, Percy H. 
Clarke, A. Vinton 
Clarke, Jacob Orie 
Clarke, James E. 
Clattenburg, A. E. 
Clayberger, B. Frank, Jr. 
Clegg.John William 
Clemens, Mrs. Frank G. 
Clement, M. W. 
( Element, Mrs. Samuel 

Clement, Samuel M., 3rd 
Clerf, Louis H. 
Clifton, Mrs. Margaret 
Clopp, B. V. 

Closson, James Harwood 
Clothier, Mrs. Clarkson 
Clothier, George B. 
Clothier, Mrs. Isaac 

Clothier, Mr. and Mrs. 

Morris L. 
Clothier, Mrs. Walter 
Cluett, George A. 
Clyde, Mrs. Benj. F. 
Clyde, Margaret 
Coane, Mrs. Robert, Sr. 
Coates, Mrs. J. Lloyd 
Coates, William M. 
Cobden, Mrs. A. B. 
Cochrane, Katherine L. 
Coenen, Margaret 
Cogan, Thomas E. 
Colahan.John B., 3rd 

Colahan, Mrs. John B., 3rd 
Cole, Harry C. 
Coleman, Philip F. 
Coles, Mrs. George W. 
Coles, Mrs. Strieker 
Coley, Walter R. 
Colgate, Mrs. J. J. 
Colket, Mrs. C. Howard 
Collings, Mrs. Walter N. 
Collingwood, Jennie 
Collins, Mrs. David J. 
Collins, Mrs. Edward H. 
Collins, Henry L. 
Collins, James S. 
Collins, Mrs. John Hall 
Combes, Horace M. 
Comfort, W. W. 
Comly, Emma Ridgway 
Conkling, S. O. 
Conlan, Mrs. Walter A. 
Conlen, William J. 
Connell, Horatio 
Connelly, Mrs. John P. 
Connett, Mrs. Harold 
Connor, John J. 
Connor, T. Edward 
Connor, William T. 
Cook, Mrs. Chester P. 
Cook, Gustavus W. 
Cooke, George J. 
Cooke, Mrs. George J. 
Cooke, Mrs. Jay, Jr. 
Cooke, Mrs. Jay, 2nd 
Cooper, Mrs. A. Gardiner 
Cooper, Walter I. 
Cope, Elizabeth M. 
Coppin, Mrs. M. E. 

Corey, William B. 
Cornell, Howard E. 
Cornman, Mrs. Ralph M. 
Corson, Mrs. Newton W. 
Costain, Thomas B. 
Costain, Mrs. T. B. 
Coulston, Charles Woods 
Cover, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. 
Coward, Mrs. Joseph 
Cowperthwait, Charles T, 
Coxe, Mrs. Charles E. 
Coxe, Herman Wells 
Coxe, Mr. and Mrs. 

Whitwell W. 
Coyle,John J. 
Cozens, Henrietta 
Craig, Mary H. 


Crain, Mrs. Edmond 

Cramp, Norman W. 
Crane, A. Ross 
Crawford, Mrs. Alexander L. 
Crawford, Miss H.Jean 
Crease, Mrs. Orlando 
Credo, Charles F. 
Creighton, Edward B. 
Cresson, Mrs. Caleb 
Cret, Paul P. 
Croft, Frank P. 
Croft, Samuel G. 
Cronin, Charles I. 
Crosby, Arthur U. 
Cross, Edgar G. 
Cross, Mrs. S. H. 
Crossan, Mrs. Edward T. 
Crothers, Samuel 
Crowder, Emma A. 
Crozier, Mrs. David E. 
Culver, Mrs. Theodore B. 
Cummings, Howard C. 
Curran, James 
Curtin, Mrs. William W. 
Curtiss, Elliott 
Cutler, Walter P. 
Dalcourt, Clementine 
Dale, Edward C. 
Dales, E. Lewis 
Dallas, Mrs. George M. 
Dalton, William J. 
Dana, Millicent W. 
Dannenbaum, Hermann 
Darnell, Alfred E. 
Dashiell, Mrs. Phillip T. 
Davenport, Mrs. Russell W. 
David, Mrs. Edward W. 
Davids, Richard W. 
Davis, Bernard 
Davis, Edna C. 
Davis, Edward 
Davis, Mrs. Edward 
Davis, Eleanor Bushnell 
Davis, H. L., Jr. 
Davis, Harry C. 
Davis, Jenness H. 
Davis, M. Elizabeth 
Davis, Mrs. S. Boyer 
Davis, W.John 
Davis, William H. 
Dawes, James H. 
Dawson, George Walter 
Dawson, Thomas and 

Day, Charles C. 
Day, Mrs. Frank Miles 

Deacon, Benjamin 
Dean, Georgeanna F. 
Dearden, Mrs. E. Chapin 
Deaver, Mrs. John B. 
deBakhtiar, Boris 
DeChant, Clement W. 
Dechert, Mrs. Henry T. 
Dechert, Robert 
Decker, T. Frank 
Decoursey, Emily 
Deeter, Paxson 
Deitch, Harry 
Deitz, George W. 
DeKozlowski, Mrs. Maryan 
DeKrafft, William 
Delany, Mabel Gertrude 
Delaplaine, Henry 
Delbert, Simon, Jr. 
Delcher, Irving B. 
DeLong, E. F. 
DeLong, Warren B. 
Delta Finishing Company 
DeLuca, Charles 
Denby, Charles, Jr. 
Deneen, Nan 
Denney.J. M. 
Dennison, G. Herbert 
Dercum, Mrs. Francis X. 
Dermody, R. L. 
Dessalet, Edwin C. 
Detweiler, Oscar L. 
De Van, M. N. 
Dewar, Arthur L. 
Dewey, Walter E. 
De Wolf, Mrs. Halsey 
Dexter, Charles L. 
deYoung, B. I. 
Diament, A. L. 
Dickel, Conrad 
Dickey, Mrs. Charles 

Dickey, Eloise P. 
Dickey, John, Jr. 
Dickey, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Dickson, Pemberton M. 
Diesel, Mrs. Harrison N. 
Dietrich, D. W. 
Dietz, W. G. 
Dignan, Helen 
Dilks, W. Stewart 
Diller, Margaret Patton 
Dillon, Edward Saunders 
Dilworth, Richardson 
Dingee, Albert N. 
Dinsmore, Mr. and Mrs. 

A. A. 

Disston, S. Horace 
Dittman, H. M. 
Dixon, Mrs. Edwin S. 
Dixon, F. E. 
Dixon, Mrs. FitzEugene 
Dixon, Mrs. George Dallas 
Dixon, Morris H. 
Doak, Charles B. 
Dodge, Karl 
Doellner, Mrs. F. H. 
Doerr, F. W. 
Dolan, Mrs. H. Hoffman 
Dolbey, Edward P. 
Doll, Josephine 
Donaldson, Mrs. Henry H. 
Donnelly, Mrs. Anna H. 
Donnelly, L. M. 
Donnelly, Mrs. L. R. 
Doran, Josephine L. 
Dornan, William 
Dougherty, Francis P. 
Dougherty, Helen M. 
Dougherty, Thomas 

Harvey, Jr. 
Dougherty, Mrs. Thomas 

Harvey, Jr. 
Doughten, Mrs. Henry W. 
Doughten, William W. 
Downs, J. R. Wood 
Downs, Mrs. Norton 
Downs, Mrs. W. Findley 
Doyle, William J. 
Drabenstadt, George R. 
Dragonetti, Harry J. 
Drain, John W. 
Drake, A. H. Boyer 
Drehmann, C. E. 
Drew, Thomas F. 
Driver, Mrs. John M. 
Drueding, Caspar 
Drumgoole, H. T. 
Duane, Mrs. Russell 
Du Ban, Alfred A. 
DuBarry, William H. 
Dubs, Carl 
Dubs, J. George 
Duck, Mrs. George 

Dudley, Mrs. Charles B. 
Duer, Mrs. John VanBuren 
Duer, Mrs. S. Naudain 
Duffield, Chester A. 
Duffield, Helen Morris 
Duhring, H. Louis 
Dulles, Mrs. Heatly C. 
Dunlap, Andrew M. E. 


Dunlap, George S. 
Dunlap, Mrs. James A. 
Dunn, Mrs. George Garrett 
Dunn, Mrs. Houston 
Dunn, Robert 
Dunn, Mrs. Robert 
du Pont, Elise 
du Pont, E. Paul 
duPont, Mrs. H. B. 
du Pont, Mrs. T. Coleman 
Durant, Mrs. Frederick C. 
Durham, J. Edward 
Durnell.J. Lindsey 
Duveen Brothers 
Eades, Mrs. William N. 
Eareckson, Charles C. 
Earle, Mrs. Edgar P. 
Earle, Ralph 
Earp, Anne Tucker 
Earp, Ernest C. 
East, J. E. 

Eastwick, Abram T. 
Eastwick, Joseph L. 
Eastwood, Mr. and Mrs. 

Eckels, Howard S. 
Eckert, Mrs. Samuel 
Eckfeldt, Theodore E. 
Ederer, Clarence L. 
Edmonds, Franklin Spencer 
Edmonds, Mrs. Franklin 

Edmonds, George W. 
Edmunds, Franklin D. 
Edwards, Benjamin A. 
Edwards, Parke E. 
Eclls, Mrs.Walter G. 
Ehret, Mrs. Harry S. 
Eichholz, Adolph 
Eichlcr, Anton 
Eisele, Gustav F. 
Eiscnbrey, Charles Henry 
Elias, Mrs. Archibald 

Elias, Mrs. Joseph 
Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. A. 

Graham, Jr. 
Elliot, Mrs. R. M. 
Elliot, Mrs. William J. 
Elliott, George A. 
Elliott, Mrs. George W. 
Elliott. Mrs. Harold H. 
Elliott, Mrs. John Dean 
Elliott, W. Clare 
Ellis, Frank H., 3rd 
Ellis, Mrs. George E. 
Ellis, Mrs. Thomas Biddle 

Ellison, Mrs. Henry H. 
El wood, Everett S. 
Elwyn, Thomas L. 
Ely, Anna W. 
Ely, Gertrude S. 
Ely, Robert B. 
Embery, William 
Emerson, Edith 
Emery, Benjamin F. 
Emhardt, William H. 
Emlen, Mrs. John T. 
Emlen, Mrs. Samuel 
Enburg,John M. 
Engle, Howard C. 
Englebert, Nicholas J. 
English, Caroline C. 
English, Mrs. Chancellor C. 
English, E. Schuyler 
English, Mrs. Frederick W. 
English, John W. 
Erbe.John R. 

Erskine, Mrs. Elizabeth H. 
Essig, Joseph Richards 
Estabrook, Mrs. George L. 
Esty, Mrs. Robert P. 
Ettelson, Henry J. 
Etting, Mrs. Emlen Pope 
Evans, Mrs. George B. 
Evans, Mrs. James D. 
Evans, Rowland 
Eves, Mrs. Curtis C. 
Eyanson, Elizabeth 
Eyre, Lester E. 
Eyre, Louisa 
Eysmans.Julien L. 
Fagan, Emma Lowry 
Fagles, Mrs. Charles D. 
Fahnestock, Mrs. McClure 
Fairchild, Samuel E.,Jr. 
Falck, Fred M. 
Fante, Dominic L. 
Farmer, Walter Tyndale 
Farnum, Henry W. 
Farr, Daniel H. 
Farr, Edith M. 
Farr, Mrs. William W. 
Farraday, Thomas P. 
Fearon, Mrs. Charles 
Febiger, Mrs. Christian 
Feicht, Elizabeth Jane 
Feldman, Jacob B. 
Felin, Charles F. 
Fell, Mrs. F. J., Jr. 
Fellowes, Eleanor 
Fels, Maurice 
Felton, Mrs. Edgar C, Jr. 
Fel ton, J. Sibley 

Felton, William C, Jr. 
Fenninger, Mrs. Carl W. 
Fernberg, Charles E. 
Fernberger, Samuel W. 
Fernley, Hattie M. 
Fetterolf, Edwin H. 
Fetterolf, Mrs. Morton H. 
Fife, Mrs. Charles A. 
Finckel, Eliza R. 
Finletter, Mrs. Edwin M. 
Firth, Thomas T. 
Fisher, Harry S. 
Fisher, Linton C. 
Fisher, Samuel 
Fisher, Thomas 
Fisher, William Righter 

Fitler, Mrs. William W., Jr. 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Thomas M. 
Fitzpatrick, Aloysius 
Flagg, George 
Flanagan, Thomas J. 
Flavell, Mrs. George J. 
Fleck, Mrs. Wm. C. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Alfred W. 
Fleisher, Edwin A. 
Fleisher, Henry H. 
Fleisher, Mrs. Moyer 
Fleisher, S. S. 
Fleisher, Walter A. 
Fletcher, William Meade, Jr. 
Fletcher, Mrs. William 

Meade, Jr. 
Flint, George 
Flood, Mrs. T. Bromley 
Foerderer, Mrs. Edward 
Foerderer, Elsie 
Fogarty, William J. 
Fogg, John M.Jr. 
Foley, Michael A. 
Foley, Mrs. Richard A. 
Folz, Stanley 
Ford, Mrs. Frank J. 
Ford, John J. 
Forman, Isador 
Forster, H. Walter 
Fort, Henry K. 
Fort, Mrs Norman Watson 
Fortin, E. F. 
Foster, Alexander, Jr. 
Foster, C. A. 
Foster, Mabel L. 
Foster, Richard W. 
Foulke, Hazel M. 
Foulke, Mrs. J. Roberts 
Foulke, May P. 
Foulkrod, Emily 


Fowler, Mrs. W. M. 
Fox, Mrs. Alexander M., Jr. 
Fox, Mrs. Caleb F., Jr. 
Fox, Mrs. Charles P. 
Fox, Helen A. 
Fox, Joseph Craig 
Fox, Joseph F. 
Fox. Mrs. L. Webster 
Fox, Matthews A. 
Frame, E. Josephine 
France, Edward W. 
Francis, Richard S. 
Frankenfield, Samuel I. 
Frantz, Philip B. 
Fraser, Arthur 
Fratis, Albert 
Frazer, Donald C, Jr. 
Frazier,John N. 
Frazier,John W.,Jr. 
Free, Mabel E. 
Freed, Morris A. 
Freelon, Allan Randall 
Freeman, Addison B. 
Freeman, Albert L. 
Freeman, Alfred E. 
Freeman, George C. 
Freeman, Mrs. Harold A. 
Freeman, Mrs. M. M. 
Freeman, Richard J. 
Freeman, Samuel Miller 
Freeman, William C. 
Freeman, Mrs. William C. 
Freihofer, Charles 
French, Charles C. 
French, Mrs. Thomas E. 
Frick, Charles E. 
Frick, Mrs. George P. 
Fries, Emma R. 
Frischholz, Mrs. Sophie B. 
Fritsche, Mrs. John 
Frizzell, Mrs. Charles F. 
Fry, Mrs. James W. 
Fryer, Theodore B. 
Fuguet , Stephen 
Fuller, Horace M. 
Funk, C. William 
Funk, Carl W. 
Funk, Nevin E., Jr. 
Funk, Joseph A. 
Fussell, Robert 
Gage, Clinton 
Galey, Mrs. Francis Holt 
Galey, William T., Jr. 
Gallagher, Dennis 
Gallaudet.John C. 
Gardiner, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Garrett, Alfred C. 

Gaskill, Margaret 
Gates, Mrs. Jay 
Gauff.John P. 
Geiger, Mrs. Harvey 
Geiger, Lewis P. 
Geise, Mrs. Lydie 
Gemberling,J. B. 
Gendell, Elizabeth B. 
Genth, Mrs. F. A. 
Gentner, Frederick 
Gerenbeck, Franklin C. 
Gerenbeck, George 
Gerhard, Albert P. 
Gerhard, Arthur H. 
Gerstley, Mrs. Isaac 
Gessner, Howard R. 
Gest, John Marshall 
Gest, Lillian 
Getty, Harry S. 
Geyelin, Elizabeth F. 
Gibb, Ida 

Gibbon, Mrs. John H. 
Gibbons, Lewis W. 
Gibbs, George 
Gibson, Mrs. John 

Gideon, George D. 
Gilbert, Mrs. John 
Gilchrist, Edmund B. 
Gilkyson, Mrs. Hamilton H. 
Gill, Mrs. Charles D. 
Gill, John D. 
Gillespie, Kate S. 
Gillingham, Mrs. A. H. 
Gillingham, Harrold E. 
Gillingham, Mrs. Harrold E. 
Gilpin, Mrs. John C. 
Gimbel Brothers 
Gimbel, Daniel 
Girvin.John H. 
Glanz, Charles L. 
Gleeson,John W. 
Glendinning, Robert 
Glover, Deborah 
Godfrey, Mark 
Godfrey, Mrs. William S. 
Goetz, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Goheen.John P. 
Goldbaum, Mrs. Jacob S. 
Goldberg, Samuel A. 
Goldner, Frank C. 
Goodall, H. W. 
Goodman, Mrs. E. H. 
Goodman, Ernestine A. 
Goldman, George B. 
Goldman, Harold C. 

Goodwin, Mrs. D. H. 
Goodwin, Margaret S. 
Goshorn, H. R. 
Gossler, Mrs. George E. 
Graf, Emma 
Graham, Caroline F. 
Graham, Mrs. Fred W. W. 
Grange, Mrs. William D. 
Grant, Elizabeth 
Grant, Mrs. Francis Clark 
Grant, Martha Fairies 
Gratz, Alfred 

Gravenstine, Mrs. George T. 
Graves, Russell B. 
Gray, Robert C. 
Gray, William F. 
Graves, R. B. 
Graves, W. Armstrong 
Greenberg, Joseph J. 
Greenberg, Simon 
Greene, Ryland Warriner 
Greenfield, Mrs. Albert M. 
Greig, James R. 
Grelis, John J. 
Gribbel, Mrs. J. Bancker 
Gribbel, W. Griffin 
Griest, Mrs. Thomas H. 
Griffin, Mrs. Frank H. 
Griffith, G.S., Jr. 
Griffith, Mrs. J. P. Crozer 
Griffith, William Oglesby 
Griscom, Mrs. Clement 

A., 3rd 
Griscom, J. Milton 
Groff, Mrs. Charles G. 
Groff, Mrs. Walter C. 
Groome, Alexander C. 
Gross, John H. 
Grubb, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Gucker, F. T. 
Guckes, Mrs. Philip E. 
Guest, Arthur B. 
Guetter, Julius 
Guggenheim, S. E. 
Gummere, Richard M. 
Gunthrop, Mrs. William P. 
Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. 
Haas, Otto 
Hacker, Caspar W. 
Hacker, Elizabeth D. 
Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. 

George E. 
Hackett, H. Berkeley 
Haehnlen, Mrs. Walter L. 
Hagar, Mrs. Lavino 
Hahn, Mrs. Frances S. 


Haig, Alexander M. 
Haines, Mrs. Oliver 

Haines, William A. 
Hainlen, George 
Haley, Frank B. 
Hall, Mabel Bruce 
Hall, Reuben B. 
Hall, William M. 
Hallahan, Mrs. Charles E. 
Hallowell, Helen W. 
Hallowell, Henry R. 
Hallowell, Mrs. Israel R. 
Halton, Thomas H., Sr. 
Hamill, Mrs. Samuel McC. 
Hamilton, Charles R. 
Hammeke, Hubert 
Hammer, Mrs. A. Wiese 
Hammond, Mrs. L.Jay 
Hancock, Mrs. F. Woodson 
Hand, Mrs. Clarence F. 
Hand, Helen G. 
Hannigan, Joseph J. 
Hansche, Maude B. 
Harbeson, William P. 
Harbison, Helen D. 
Harding, Katherine A. 
Hardock, Benjamin 
Hardt, Frank M. 
Hardt, J. William 
Hardt, Walter K. 
Hardwick, Mrs. Gordon A. 
Hare, Mrs. Alfred G. 
Hare, Esther B. 
Hare, J. V. 
Hare, T. Truxton 
Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. 

Joseph M. 
Harlow, George W. 
Harman, W. H. 
Harper, Clarence L. 
Harrigan, Mrs. Benjamin 
Harris, Mrs. W. Bernard 
Harris, David W. 
Harris, Mrs. Frazer 
Harris, J. Andrews, 3rd 
Harris, John G. 
Harris, Mrs. Langdon 

Harris, Lee W. 
Harris, Mrs. William A. 
Harrison, Augusta 
Harrison, Charles Custis, 

Harrison, Mrs. Charles 

Harrison, George L. 

Harrison, Mrs. George L. 
Harrison, Mrs. H. Norris 
Harrison, Mrs. Harry W. 
Harrison, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Harrison, William Welsh, 

Harrity, Mrs. William F. 
Hart, Charles 
Hart, Mrs. Harry C. 
Hart, Olive Ely 
Hart, Mrs. William H. 
Hartley, Harriet L. 
Hartung, Francis C. 
Haskell, Harry G. 
Haskins, Mrs. Harold 
Hassler, Daniel E. 
Hatfield, James S. 
Hatfield, Mrs. James S. 
Hathaway, H. W. 
Haughton, Augustine 
Havey, Charles F. 
Hawthorne, Mrs. Herbert 

Haxton, Mrs. Samuel F. 
Hay, Mrs. Charles 
Hay, Mrs. J. Howard 
Haydock, Charles 
Hayes, Mrs. C. Ellis 
Hayman, Mrs. J. M. 
Haynes and Fehr 
Hays, Annie Bradford 
Hayt, Mrs. Todd 
Hayward, Anna Howell 
Hayward, Mrs. Nathan 
Hayward, Sarah Howard 
Hazard, Spencer P. 
Hazlett, James V. 
Head, Mrs. Joseph 
Headman, Anna E. 
Heckscher, Lucretia S. 
Heckscher, Mrs. Maurice 
Heebner, Julia E. 
Heffner, Mrs. Warren S. 
Heim, Oscar E. 
Helbert, George K. 
Hellerman, Mrs. Harry 
Hellwig, Mrs. Katherine 
Henderson, Mrs. George R. 
Henderson, Walter G. 
Henning, Mary E. 
Henrich, A. Washington 
Henry, Mrs. Bayard 
Henry, Mrs. C. S. Ashby 
Henry, George W., Jr. 
Hensel, Mrs. E. Caven 
Henshaw, William P. 
Henson, Hannah 

Hepburn, Mrs. Charles J. 
Hepburn, W. Horace 
Hepburn, Mrs. Wm. W. 
Hepworth.John M. 
Hess, Herbert W. 
Hess, Mrs. Lippman E. 
Hetherington, Mrs. AlbertG. 
Heuer, Henry F. 
Heyl, John B. 
Heyl, Juliet F. 
Heyl, Mrs. Robert C. 
Heyl, William E. 
Heymann, Joseph C. 
Heymann, Mrs. Joseph C. 
Heyward, Mrs. R. B. 
Hibbs, Helen 
Hibbs, Mrs. Quin D. 
Hiergesell, Valentine 
Highley, Mrs. George N. 
Hightower, F. W. 
Hilbroner, Mrs. Tillie 
Hildebrand, C. C. 
Hill, Charles B. 
Hill, Edna V. 
Hill, Horace G., Jr. 
Hill, Mrs. J. Bennett 
Hill, Mrs. John Parker 
Hiller, Mrs. H. M. 
Hilles, Franklin S. 
Hilles, Marian S. 
Hinchman, Mrs. C. Russell 
Hipsher, Edward 

Hires, Mrs. Charles E. 
Hires, Mrs. Charles E., Jr. 
Hirsh, Mrs. Harry B. 
Hirst, Barton C. 
Hirst, Richard 
Hoare, Daniel W. 
Hochstrasser,John H. 
Hockaday, Agnes 
Hocker, I. S. 
Hoffman, Mrs. C. F. 
Hoffman, Esther 
Hogg, J. Renwick 
Hogg, Mrs. J. Renwick 
Hogue, Robert M. 
Hogue, Mrs. Robert M. 
Holahan, F. Marion 
Holden, Hallie K. 
Holden, Robert F. 
Hollar, Mrs. William H. 
Hollingsworth,John P. 
Hollingsworth, Mrs. John P. 
Hooper, Mrs. Robert P. 
Hope, Herbert 


Hopkinson, Edward 
Hopkinson, Emily G. 
Hopper, Mrs. Charles 

Hopper, Mrs. Harry S. 
Hopper, Marie Louise 
Horan, Hubert, Jr. 
Horn, Herman C. 
Horn, William 
Horner, Hannah Mee 
Horrocks, Mrs. Thomas S. 
Horstmann, I.J. 
Horstmann, Mrs. Walter 
Horstmann, Mrs. William H. 
Hosbach, Frederick W. 
Houston, Mrs. S. F. 
Howard, Mrs. Edgar B. 
Howard, Mrs. Morton 
Howe, Mrs. A. Leighton 
Howell, Anna Hazen 
Howell, Mrs. Charles H. 
Howell, Cooper 
Howell, Josephine F. 
Howell, Lardner 
Howell, Stacy B. 
Howland, Mrs. Frederick 

Howson, Charles H. 
Howson, Henry 
Hoyt, Daniel M. 
Huber, Mrs. John Y.,Jr. 
Huber, Stuart W. 
Huey, Arthur B. 
Huey, Mrs. Arthur B. 
Huey, Samuel C. 
Hughes, Esther M. 
Hughes, Mrs. Henry D. 
Hults, Amey L. 
Hunsberger, Mrs. Ambrose 
Hunter, C. Edwin 
Huntoon, D. T. V. 
Hurlburt, Frank 
Hurlburt, Mrs. Frederick B. 
Hurlburt, W. Merritt 
Huston, Laetitia P. 
Huston, Mary Perot 
Hutchinson, A. P. 
Hutchinson, Arthur 

Hutchinson, Mrs. James P. 
Hutchinson, Katharine P. 
Hutchinson, Meta H. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. S. 

Hutchison, J. Edward 
Huth, Christian 
Iliff, Mrs. Arthur R. 

Illman, Adelaide 
Illoway, Bernard A. 
Ilsley, Mrs. Edward 
Indahl, M. C. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. C. Jared 
Ingersoll, George E. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. R. Sturgis 
Innes, William T. 
Ireland, C. Raymond 
Irish, J. Theodore 
Irvine, Mrs. James 
Irwin, Mrs. Samuel B. 
Ives, Norman C. 
Jacobs, Mrs. John 
Jacobs, Mary C. R. 
Jacobs, Mrs. Reginald 
Jaffe, Walter 

James, Mrs. Mortimer W. 
James, Norman W. 
James, Nancy E. 
James, Mrs. Reese D. 
James, William F. 
Jameson, Norman Lee 
Jameson, Mrs. Norman Lee 
Jamison, Mrs. Benton K., Jr. 
Jamison, John M. 
Janes, H. Paul 
Jantzen, Mildred 
Jatden, Margaret 
Jarden, Mrs. Walter H. 
Jeanes, Henry S.,Jr. 
Jeanes, Mrs. Henry S., Jr. 
Jeanes, Mrs. Joseph Y. 
Jeanes, Lenette F. 
Jefferys, Mrs. Edward M. 
Jeffries, Mrs. Thomas J. 
Jenkins, H. Lawrence 
Jenkins, Theodore F. 
Jenks, Mrs. John S. 
Jennings, Annie Burr 
Jepson, Paul N. 
Jerrehian, Aram K. 
Johnson, Alba B., Jr. 
Johnson, Mrs. Alba B., Jr. 
Johnson, Mrs. Benjamin 
Johnson, Mrs. Edward H. 
Johnson, Florence M. 
Johnson, Harry E. 
Johnson, W.J. 
Johnson, Mrs. W.J. 
Johnson, Walter H. 
Johnson, Walter James 
Johnston, D. V. 
Johnstone, Stuart 
Joiner, Franklin 
Jones, Albert F. 
Jones, Arthur Woodruff 

Jones, Mrs. C. Sharpless 
Jones, Mrs. Clara W. 
Jones, G. H. 
Jones, Henry Hand 
Jones, Horace C. 
Jones, Mrs. J. Clifford 
Jones, John Langdon 
Jones, Joseph L., 3rd 
Jones, J. Webster 
Jones, Mrs. John F. X. 
Jones, Livingston E. 
Jones, Luther R. 
Jones, Mrs. Mary C. 
Jones, Mrs. Spencer L. 
Jones, Thomas E. 
Jordan, Augustus W. 
Jordan, Frederick 
Judd, Clarence W. 
Judson, Arthur 
Judson, Mrs. Charles F. 
Junkin, George B. 
Junkin, Mrs. George B. 
Justice, Dorothy R. 
Justice, Mrs. George L. 
Justice, Hilda 
Justice, William W., Jr. 
Kaelker, Mrs. Richard 
Kaeser, Charles W., Jr. 
Kane, Mrs. Frank Paul 
Karcher and Rehn Company 
Kase, Mrs. Daniel Beaver 
Katz, Maurice B. 
Katz, William H. 
Kaufman, Frank M. 
Kaufman, Isadore 
Keator, Mrs. John Frisbee 
Keay, Mrs. Nathaniel Seaver 
Keen, Harold Perot 
Keen, Harry R. 
Keene, Floyd E. 
Keiser, Elmer E. 
Keister, Mrs. Annie R. 
Keith, Mrs. Sidney W. 
Keith, Mrs. Sidney W., Jr. 
Keller, Charles Frederick 
Keller, Joseph S. 
Kellogg, Thomas M. 
Kelly, Margaret K. 
Kelton, Stanton Coit 
Kendall, Mrs. Paul 
Kendig, Miriam J. 
Kendrick, T. Frank 
Kennedy, J.N. 
Kennedy, Mrs. John M. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Moorhead 
Kent, Mrs. William C. 
Kerns, Samuel P. 


Kerr, Carlota T. 
Kerr, William M. 
Kerstine, Harry E. 
Kerwick, Michael R. 
Kessler, Harry C. 
Ketcham, Howard 
Ketterer, Gustav 
Kincaid, William 
Kind, Mrs. Paul A. 
King, Mrs. Joseph B. 
King, Katharine S. 
King, Lewis 
King, Lydia E. 
King, W. Walton 
Kinsey, Frances T. 
Kinsey, Helen F. 
Kirk, Mrs. Edward C. 
Kirk, Elizabeth 
Kirkpatrick, Samuel 
Kitchen, Mrs. Edith M. 

Klapp, Wilbur Paddock 
Klauder, Elfrida M. 
Klauder, George C. 
Klein, Max D. 
Klemm, Eva R. 
Klemm, Mrs. J. George, Jr. 
Klopp, Mrs. Edward J. 
Kneass, Edwards 
Kneass, George Bryan 
Kneedler and Company 
Knight, D. Allen 
Knowles, Frank Crozer 
Knowles, Nathaniel 
Knup, Jacob 
Koch, Mrs. Thomas J. 
Kohn, Alfred 
Kohn, Bernard 
Kohn, Mrs. Harry E. 
Kohn, Mrs. Isadore 
Kolb, Mrs. Edward 
Krakowitz, Charles 
Krause, Walter E. 
Krauss, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney 

Kreier, George J. 
Krewson, James S. 
Krumbhaar, Mrs. Charles 

Kuemmerle, Gustave C. 
Kuhn, C. Hartman 
Kunkel, James E. 
Kurtz, William Fulton 
Kuser, Mrs. John L., Jr. 

Lacey, Mrs. J. Madison 
Laciar, Mrs. Samuel L. 
Laessle, Mrs. Albert 
Lafferty, E. J. 
Lafferty, Myrtle Adele 
Laird, Mrs. J. Packard 
Lakey, Mrs. Arthur B. 
Lally, Mrs. Frank S. 
Lamb, Mrs. Joseph 
Lamb, Mrs. W. H. 
Lamberton, Robert E. 
Landis, George O. 
Langston, Samuel M. 
Large, Mrs. James 
Larson, Mrs. Roy F. 
Larzelere, John L. 
Larzelere, Mrs. Walter D. 
Latham, M. V. D. 
Latimer, Robert L. 
Lauer, Conrad N. 
Lauer, Harry I. 
Laughlin, Mrs. A. L. 
Lavino, Mrs. Edward J. 
Lavino, Edwin M. 
Law, Edward 
Law, Margaret 
Law ,William A. 
Lawler, Percy E. 
Lawrence, Elsie H. 
Lawrence, Gertrude E. 
Lawson, Harry 
Lawson, Mrs. Harry C. 
Lea, Elizabeth J. 
Lea, Van Antwerp 
League, Mrs. H. M. 
Lear, John B. 
Leas, Mabel Alice 
Lebo, Mrs. E. A. 
LeBoutillier, Mrs. Henry W. 
Lechner, Harvey L. 
Ledwith, William L. 
Lee, Alfred, 3rd 
Lee, Manning deV 
Lee, Mildred W. 
Leedom, Mrs. Charles 
Leeds, Arthur N. 
Lefton, Al Paul 
Legge, Henry C. 
Leggett, Esther 
Lehman, David DeC. 
Leisenring, Mrs. Edward B. 
Lennig, Rufus King 
Leonard, Reuben M. 
Leonard, Mrs. Richard D. 
Leonard, William A. 
Lesley, Robert W. 
Lesley, Mrs. Robert W. 

Lester, Joseph G. 
Levering, Frank D. 
Levis, Mrs. Frederick H. 
Levy, Albert 
Levy, Alexander S. 
Levy, Fabian F. 
Levy, Howard S. 
Levy, Lionel Farraday 
Levy, Mrs. Lionel Farraday 
Lewis, Anna Shippen 
Lewis, Charles A. 
Lewis, Mrs. Clarence J., Jr. 
Lewis, Clifford, Jr. 
Lewis, Mrs. Clifford, Jr. 
Lewis, Eleanor 
Lewis, Mrs. Francis A. 
Lewis, Mrs. Francis A., 3rd 
Lewis, H. G. 
Lewis, Mrs. Howard W. 
Lewis, Isabel Jenkins 
Lewis, Mrs. John F.,Jr. 
Lewis, Leicester S. 
Lewis, Le Roy M. 
Lewis, Margaret C. 
Lewis, Mrs. Theodore J. 
Lewis, Mrs. Thomas H. 
Lewis, Mrs. William Draper 
Lex, Mrs. William Henry 
Lifter, Mrs. Joseph J. 
Ligget, Mrs. Howard B. 
Ligget,Jane Stewart 
Lincoln, Mrs. George 

Jones, Jr. 
Lincoln, Joseph C. 
Lincoln, Thorla 
Lindley, George W. 
Lineaweaver, Mrs. Charles P. 
Link, Harriet J. 
Linn, Mrs. William B. 
Linton, M. Albert 
Linville, Mrs. Walker E. 
Lippincott, George A. 
Lippincott, Mrs. Joseph W. 
Lippincott, Mary W. 
Little, Mrs. Royal 
Littlefield, James H. 
Littleton, Mrs. W. G. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Fleurette B. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Horatio Gates, 

Lloyd, Mrs. Horatio Gates, 

J r - 

Lloyd, Mrs. John S. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Stacey B. 
Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. 

William Henry 
Lochhead Catherine P. 


Loeb, Mrs. Adol 
Loeb, Alfred H. 
Loeb, Howard A. 
Loeb, Ludwig 
Loeb, Mrs. Rudolf 
Loeb, Mrs. William 
Loftus, Anna D. 
Logan, Mrs. John W. 
Logan, William H. 
Lohmann, Mrs. Alfred P. 
Long, Walter E. 
Longaker, Daniel 
Longstreth, Mrs. Charles A. 
Longstreth, Mr. and Mrs. 

Lopez, A. Sophia 
Lorimer, Graeme 
Lotz, Nellie 

Louchheim, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Lough, George A. 
Loux, Susanna M. 
Lucas, Mrs. Edwin A. 
Lucas, Mrs. H. Spencer 
Ludlum, David S. 
Lukens, Lewis N., Jr. 
Lukens, Mrs. Lewis N., Jr. 
Mabie, Walter C. 
MacCain, James Scott 
MacColl, Mrs. Alexander 
MacCoy, Marjorie N. 
MacFarland, Mrs. George F. 
MacGeorge, Beatrice 
MacGregor, Helen 
Mack, Joseph P., 2nd 
Mackenzie, J. B. 
Mackey, Mrs. Harry A. 
MacQueen, Stephen A. 
Maddock, Henry A. 
Madeira, Mrs. Louis C. 
Madeira, Percy C. 
Magee, George W. 
Magee, James F.,Jr. 
Malone, Edwin B. 
Manning, Frederick J. 
Manship, Edith 
Marceau, Henri Gabriel 
Marcucci, Vincent 
Marcus, Mrs. H. 
Margerum, Bess 
Maris, Mrs. Henry J. 
Markland, George L., Jr. 
Markoe, Mrs. Henry 
Marks, Alexander A. 
Marshall, C.J. 
Marshall, Mrs. George 


Marshall, Mrs. J. Lewis 
Marshall, Mrs. Mary E. 
Marshall, Thomas R. 
Marston, Mrs. C. Harold 
Martin, Edward 
Martin, E. Gwen 
Martin, William F. 
Mason, Edward F. 
Mason, Mary T. 
Mason, William Clarke 
Mason, Mrs. William 

Massey, Frank H. 
Massiah, Frederick 
Mathers, Frank F. 
Mathers, Mrs. Frank F. 
Mathewson, Mrs. R. W. 
Mathewson, Robert J. 
Mathieson, Mrs. J. K. 
Matthews, Frank C. 
Matthews, Mrs. Louis I. 
Mattison, Richard V. 
Maule, Mrs. Edmund W. 
Maule, Margaret C. 
Maull, Mrs. Matthias 
Maulsby, Matilda 
Mauran, Frank 
Maurer.John H. 
Maxwell, Mrs. John R. 
Maxwell, Morris Clothier 
Mayburry, Dorothy 
Mayer, Alfred 
Mayer, Mrs. Clinton O. 
Mazzoni, Joseph 
McAbee, Mrs. George R. 
McAdoo, Mrs. Henry M. 
McAllister, Mrs. J. 

McCahan, Mrs. Thomas C. 
McCall, Richard 
McCall, Virginia A. 
McCallip, Emily L. 
McCarthy, D.J. 
McCarthy, Mrs. D.J. 
McCaughey, Harry M. 
McCauley, Mrs. Elmer 
McCauley, E. D. 
McCawley, Mrs. William M. 
McClenahan, Howard 
McCloskey, Mrs. John F. 
McCloskey, Matthew H. 
McCloud, Charles M. 
McCouch, Mrs. H. Gordon 
McCoy, Mrs. Guy 
McCoy, Mrs. Isabel Walker 
McCracken, Mrs. Robt. T. 

McCreery, Mrs. Samuel 
McDonald, Mrs. E. 
McDonald, Joseph A. 
McDougald, John Q. 
McDowell, Charles 
McElroy, Mrs. Clayton 
McFarland, Mrs. Joseph 
McGettigan, Daniel I. 
McGowin, Mrs. R. S. 
Mcllhenny, Mrs. John, Jr. 
Mcllhenny, Selina B. 
Mcllvain, Mrs. Hugh 
Mcllvain, Mrs. J. Gibson 
Mclntire, A. Reed 
McKaig, Edgar S. 
McKean, Mrs. Bispham 
McKean, Mrs. Henry Pratt 
McKean, Nancy B. 
McKeever, William 
McKenzie, R. Tait 
McKinlay, Marion W. 
McKinney, Mrs. Ramsey, Jr. 
McLain, Mrs. Louis 
McLean, Mrs. Charles V. 
McLean, Charlotte F. 
McLean, Mrs. Robert 
McLean, Robert L. 
McLean, Mrs. William 

McLellan, Ralph 
McManus, Charles J. 
McMichael, Mrs. Charles B. 
McMillan, Mrs. LeightonG. 
McMillan, Thomas M. 
McMullan, Mr. and Mrs. 

McOwen, Mrs. Frederick 
McPheeters, Mrs. J. W. 
McShea,John B. 
Mead, Arthur B. 
Mebus, Charles F. 
Mechling, Mrs. B. Franklin, 

Mechling, Mrs. Edward A. 
Meehan, Alice 
Meehan, Ellen F. 
Megargee, Mrs. George M. 
Meigs, Ann Ingersoll 
Meigs, Mrs. John F., 2nd 
Mellor, Walter 
Melrath, Earle B. 
Merrick, J. Vaughan 
Merrick, Mary R. 
Merrick, Mrs. Rodney K. 
Merrick, Mrs. Samuel 

Mertz, Oscar E. 


Meyers, Mrs. Fanette 
Michel, George 
Middleton, Mrs. Wilmer 
Milholland, Mrs. Frederick 

Miller, Hugh McCauley 
Miller, Mrs. James C. 
Miller, Jeanettc C. 
Miller, Vernon B. 
Miller, W. E. G. 
Miller, Walter P., Jr. 
Mills, Thomas 
Millville Manufacturing 

Milne, Mrs. Caleb J., Jr. 
Milne, Mrs. David 
Milne, Francis F., Jr. 
Minehart, Mrs. John R. 
Mink, George W., Jr. 
Mitchell, Charles D. 
Mitchell, Mrs. J. Clayton 
Mitchell, Samuel P. 
Moffatt, Mrs. James H. 
Moffly, William T. 
Mohr, Howard K. 
Monroe, Eleanor P. 
Montgomery, Mrs. R.J. 
Montgomery, Mrs. Robert J. 
Montgomery, R. L. 
Montgomery, Mrs. T. L. 
Montgomery, W. W., Jr. 
Moore, Mrs. Charles J. 
Moore, Edgar B. 
Moore, Mrs. H. McKnight 
Moore, Mrs. Henry D. 
Moore, J. Clark, Jr. 
Moore, Luella 
Moore, William G. 
Moorhouse, Mrs. H. Wilson 
Moosberger, Fred 
Morford, W. B. 
Morgan, Mrs. F. Corlies 
Morgan, Mrs. John B. 
Morgan, Mrs. Marshall S. 
Morgan, Mrs. Reed A. 
Morie, Irene 

Morrell, Mrs. Edward deV. 
Morrell, Richard B. 
Morris, Mrs. Armand V. 
Morris, Mrs. A. Saunders 
Morris, C. C. 
Morris, Mrs. Caspar W. 
Morris, Ellen 
Morris, Henry S. 
Morris, I. Wistar 
Morris, Mrs. I. Wistar 

Morris, Mrs. P. Hollings- 

Morrison, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. 
Mortimoore, Mrs. Charles 
Moser, Mrs. Lester J. 
Mott, Marian 
Moyer, Harry R. 
Mueller, Charles G. 
Mulford, Mr. and Mrs. 

Spencer K., Jr. 
Munro, Mrs. Hugh F. 
Murphy, Helen B. 
Murphy, Jane M. 
Murphy, J. Prentice 
Murphy, Mrs. John A. 
Murtagh, Mrs.J.C. 
Musser, Mrs. Charles S. 
Musser, Mrs. John H. 
Myers, George deB. 
Myers, W. Heyward 
Nalle, Mrs. Jesse 
Nasife, Mrs. Sydney 
Nassau, Mrs. Charles F. 
Neal, S. H. 
Neale, James B. 
Nece, Harry A. 
Neely, James P. 
Neely, M. Y. 
Nefferdorf, Margaret A. 
Neilson, Mrs. Lewis 
Nesbit, Mrs. Thorpe 
Nevin, Mrs. Charles W. 
Newbold, Mrs. David 
Newbold, Mrs. Eugene S. 
Newbold, John S. 
Newbold, Mrs. Trenchard E. 
Newburger, Frank L. 
Newhall, C. Stevenson 
Newkirk, Martha Bacon 
Newlin, Mrs. E. Mortimer 
Newlin, Nicholas 
Newlin, Mrs. Richard M. 
Newton, A. G. 
Niblo, James M. 
Nice, Eugene E. 
Nice, Martin T. 
Nicholas, Samuel 
Nichols, Roy F. 
Nicholson, Mrs. J. 

Nickle, Mrs. S. P. 
Nimlet, Virginia C. 
Nixon, Mrs. Horace F. 
Norris, Mrs. A. A. 
Norris, George W. 
Norris, Harry A. 
Norris, Mrs. John C. 

Norris, Mrs. Richard 
Norris, S. Walter 
Norris, Mrs. William 

North, C. Ruth 
North, Ralph H. 
Noyes, Mrs. B. 
Oakford, Frances S. 
Oakley, Mrs. Imogen B. 
Oakley, Mrs. Thornton 
Obdyke, William A. 
Obermayer, Henry M. 
Obermayer, Leon J. 
O'Brien, Mrs. Thomas D. 
Ockner, Rebecca 
Oelbermann, Mrs. Julius 
Oeters, Edgar O. 
Okie, R. Brognard 
O'Neal, Alexander 
O'Neill, Andrew 
O'Neill, Marie E. 
O'Neill, Mrs. W. Paul 
Ord, R. Laird 
Orlady, George Phillips 
Orlemann, Henry P. 
Orr, George P. 
Ortlip, Harry S. 
Osterlund, John 
Ott, George E. 
Otter, Robert S. 
Otto, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 

Packard, Charles S. W. 
Packard, Mrs. Francis R. 
Packard, Mrs. George R. 
Packard, Mrs. John H., 3rd 
Page, George Bispham 
Page, Mrs. Howard Wurts 
Page, Mrs. Robert H. 
Page, Robert Holmes 
Page, Mrs. Robert Holmes 
Painter, Mrs. H. B. 
Paisley, Harry E. 
Pancoast, Mrs. Albert 
Pancoast, Henry B. 
Pancoast, Mrs. H. K. 
Pardee, Mrs. Calvin 
Pardi, Justin A. 
Paret, Louis French 
Park, Marion Edwards 
Park, Mrs. Richard Gray 
Park, Thomas 
Parker, Mrs. Edward W. 
Parlin, Charles C. 
Parlin, Mrs. Charles C. 
Parrish, E. M. 
Parrish, Morris L. 


Parrish, Mrs. Robert C. 
Parsons, Ella 
Passavant, Henry E. 
Patrick, William H.Jr. 
Patterson, Dora B. 
Patterson, Mrs. George 

Patterson, Mrs. Theo. C. 
Patton, Mrs. J. Lee 
Patton, Mrs. John W. 
Patton, Mrs. Robert 
Paul, A.J. Drexel 
Paul, John Rodman 
Paul, Theodore S. 
Paulson, Frances E. 
Peabody, Malcolm E. 
Pearce, Hollingsworth 
Pearce, Mrs. Jeffries 
Pearsall, H. W. 
Pearson, Joshua Ash 
Pearson, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Pearson, R. G. 
Pease, Mrs. Henry H. 
Peck, Mrs. Arthur 
Pedrick, Lyola C. 
Peeples, A. M. 
Peiffer, Alfred H. 
Peirce, Thomas May, Jr. 
Pender, Harold 
Pendleton, Constance 
Penington, Mrs. Albin G. 
Pennegar, Mrs. Lee A. 
Pennsylvania Society of 

Miniature Painters 
Pennypacker, Bevan A. 
Penrose, Valeria F. 
Pepper, Mrs. B. Franklin 
Pepper, Mrs. John W. 
Pepper, Mrs. O. H. Perry 
Pepper, Mrs. William Piatt 
Pequignot, L. E. 
Perkins, Mrs. T.H.Dudley 
Perot, Anne Lovering 
Perot, Justine C. 
Perrin, Charles C. 
Perry, Mrs. Harold R. 
Peters, Justin 
Peters, Richard, Jr. 
Peterzell, Mrs. Abram 
Pettinos, George F. 
Petzold, Adolph 
Pew, Arthur E. 
Pew, Mrs. Arthur E. 
Pfaelzer, Mrs. Frank 
Pfahler, G. E. 
Pfatteicher, E. P. 

Pharo, Mrs. Walter W. 
Phelps, Alfred T. 
Philler, William R. 
Philler, Mrs. William R. 
Phillippe, Mrs. B. 

Pierce, F. G. 

Pierce, Mrs. George Gorgas 
Piersol, Mrs. George A. 
Piersol, George M. 
Piersol, Mrs. George M. 
Pilling, William S. 
Piper, Elizabeth G. 
Piatt, Mrs. Charles, Jr. 
Piatt, Mrs. Charles, 3rd 
Piatt, Henry N. 
Piatt, John O. 
Plummer, Mrs. William T. 
Polk, Mrs. William D. 
Pollock, Mrs. Walter W. 
Pollock, William W. 
Pomerantz, A. 
Porcher, Samuel 
Porter, Mrs. Charles A., Jr. 
Porter, Elva 
Porter, Mrs. W. Hobart 
Porter, Mrs. William W. 
Post, Arthur E. 
Post, William 
Potsdamer, Joseph S. 
Potsdamer, Louis S. 
Potter, Beverley R. 
Potter, Mrs. Beverley R. 
Potter, Charles A., Jr. 
Potts, William M. 
Powel, T.I. Hare 
Powel, Mrs. T. I. Hare 
Powers, Mrs. Fred Perry 
Pratt, Mrs. Henry S. 
Pratt.John E. 
Pratt, Lysander P. 
Price, Walter F. 
Prichard, E. Sydney 
Prime, Alice M. 
Prince, David Chandler 
Pugh, Joseph M. 
Purves, Mrs. Austin M. 
Purviance, Julia Evelyn 
Putman, Mrs. Earl B. 
Putnam, Ralph C. 
Pyle, Mrs. Chester N. 
Quimby, Hester A. 
Rader, Mrs. Archibald 

Raditz, Lazar 
Raff, A. Raymond 

Rainear, Mrs. C.J. 
Rakestraw, Fred 
Randolph, Mrs. L. Wister 
Ranken, Harold R. 
Rankin, Mrs. John Hall 
Ransley, Mrs. Harry Clay 
Rawlins, Sarah Sully 
Rea, Robert W. 
Read, Helen P. 
Reading, S. H. 
Reath, B. Brannan, 2nd 
Reath, Mrs. Benjamin 
Reath, Theodore W. 
Reath, Mrs. Theodore W. 
Reath, Mrs. Thomas 
Reath, Thomas, Jr. 
Reber,J. Howard 
Rebman, Henry J. 
Rebmann, G. Ruhland, Jr. 
Rebmann, Walter 
Reckitt, William G. 
Redding, Walter C. 
Redman, Mrs. John L. 
Reed, Mrs. Alan H. 
Reed, Anna M. 
Reed, Jacob, Sons 
Reed, Luther D. 
Reel, Ida Virginia 
Reeves, Mrs. F. B.. Jr. 
Reeves, Mrs. Horace A. 
Reger, William A. 
Reilly, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Reilly, Mrs. J. Ridgway 
Reilly, Mrs. Mary Allen 
Remmey, Richard C, Son 

Reuss, Mr. and Mrs. 

Edward H., Jr. 
Rhoads, J. Snowdon 
Rhoads, Mrs. Logan 
Rhoads, Lydia W. 
Ricci, Armando T. 
Rice, Mrs. Muriel Miller 
Richardson, Frederick 
Richardson, Grace P. 
Richardson, Thomas D. 
Richardson, Tolbert N. 
Richardson, Mrs. Tolbert N. 
Richardson, William H. 
Richmond, Francis H. 
Ridenour, W. E. 
Riehle, William J. 
Riesman, David 
Ristine, Mrs. Charles S. 
Riter, Mrs. Michael M., Jr. 
Rivinus, Mrs. E. Florens 
Robb.John W. 


Robbins, Mrs. Edward C. 
Robbins, George S. 
Roberts, Mrs. A. C. 
Roberts, Caryl 
Roberts, Charles B. 
Roberts, Charles C. 
Roberts, Charles H. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charles H. 
Roberts, Clarence V. 
Roberts, George Brooke 
Roberts, George W. B. 
Roberts, Mrs. George W. B. 
Roberts, Graham 
Roberts, H. Radclyffe 
Roberts, Irene S. 
Roberts, Isaac W. 
Roberts, Mrs. John B. 
Robins, Mrs. Edward 
Robins, Helen H. 
Robinson, Mrs. Dwight 

Robinson, Mrs. Louis 

Robinson, Mrs. Samuel 
Rockefeller, Mrs. Nelson A. 
Rogers, Mrs. James S. 
Roma, Mrs. Frank 
Roma, Louis 
Root, Mary L. 
Rorer, Elizabeth U. 
Rose, Ivan Murray 
Rosenbach, M. P. 
Rosenbaum, Robert 
Rosenbaum, Samuel R. 
Rosenblum, Adolph 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Adolph G. 
Rosengarten, George D. 
Rosengarten, Mrs. Harold 
Rosengarten, Mr. and Mrs. 

J. Clifford 
Rosenwald, Mrs. LessingJ. 
Ross, Emma 
Ross, Mrs. Henry A. 
Ross, Sophia L. 
Ross, T. Edward 
Ross, Mrs. Thomas 
Rossell, Mrs. Axel 
Rossmassler, Elfrida 
Roth, Henry W. 
Rothe, M. H. 
Rowen, Elmer 
Rowland, Mrs. Louis H. 
Royer, Mrs. B. Frank 
Rumpp, William A. 
Runk, Louis B. 
Rush, Mrs. Arthur T. 
Rush, Julia 

Russell, Mrs. C.J. 

Russell, Norman F. S. 
Rust, Harry B. 
Ryan, Mrs. Elizabeth T. 
Ryan, Michael J. 
Ryder, Elizabeth A. 
Ryder, Grace G. 
Sabatino, Felix 
Sachsenmaier, George 
Sackett, Mrs. Franklin P. 
Sadtler, Mrs. Frederic 
Sadtler, Samuel S. 
Sailer, Emily W. 
Salom, Mrs. Pedro G. 
Salus, Mrs. A. 
Salus, Mrs. Herbert W. 
Samuel, Bernard 
Sanson, Mrs. Albert W. 
Santamarie, L.J. 
Sargent, Mrs. Winthrop 
Sartori, Mrs. Frank A. 
Saul, Mrs. Maurice B. 
Saul, Maurice Bower 
Saul, Mr. and Mrs. 

Walter Biddle 
Saull, Elizabeth 
Sauter, William F. 
Savage, Mrs. D. Fitzhugh 
Savage, Mrs. Ernest C. 
Savett, M. S. 
Sawtelle, William Otis 
Sax, Percival M. 
Saylor, Harold D. 
Sayre, Frank G. 
Scanlon, Charles A. 
Scattergood, Mrs. Alfred G. 
Scattergood, J. Henry 
Scattergood, Mrs. J. Henry 
Scattergood, Mrs. Thomas 
Schaeffer, Frederick C. 
Schaffer, William I. 
Schaffer, Mrs. William I. 
Schamberg, Mrs. Jay F. 
Schaner, W. B. 
Scheffey, Lewis C. 
Schell, S. Gertrude 
Schenck, Eunice Morgan 
Schenck, Julius 
Schick, Elma H. 
Schick, Martha K. 
Schiedt, Cornelia 
Schilling, George E. 
Schirmer, Walter F. 
Schlacks , Charles H. 
Schlegel, Carl A. 
Schmidt, William A. 
Schnader, Mrs. William A. 

Schneider, Mrs. Karl 
Schoales, C. B. 
Schoettle, Mrs. Edwin J. 
Schoettle, Mary F. 
Schoettle, Ralph J. 
Schoettle, Wm. C. 
Schoff, Mrs. Leonard H. 
Schoff, Marion Gordon 
Schofield, Mrs. Charles S. 
Schofield, Mrs. Everett A. 
Schorr, George J. 
Schriver, Mr. and Mrs. 

Norman H. 
Schwab, Mrs. Clarence J. 
Sen wacke, John Strubing 
Schwalbe, H. O. 
Schwartz, Mrs. Charles 

Schwarz, William Tefft 
Schweizer,J. Otto 
Scott, Mrs. Alexander H. 
Scott, Alice A. 
Scott, Mrs. Arthur Hoyt 
Scott, Edgar 
Scott, Ernest 
Scott, Florence B. 
Scott, Hannah Lewis 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. J. 

Hutchison, Jr. 
Scott, Mrs. John Scanlin 
Scott, Richard S. 
Scott, Thomas M. 
Scott, William M. 
Scranton, Mrs. George E. 
Scull, Mrs. William C. 
Scull, William Ellis 
Scull, Mrs. William S. 
Seeds, Mathilde 
Seeler, Edgar V., Jr. 
Seeley, Mrs. Oscar 
Seiler, Walter 
Selig, Sol 

Sellers, Mrs. Alexander 
Sellers, Mrs. Horace Wells 
Sellers, Mrs. Howard 
Seltzer, Mrs. R.J. 
Serody, Michael 
Serrill, A. M. 
Serrill, Mrs. William J. 
Sessler, Charles 
Sessler.J. Leonard 
Sexton, Mr. and Mrs. 

William Lord 
Shakespeare, Edward O. 
Shakespeare, Mrs. Edward O. 
Shallcross, Thomas, Jr. 


Shand, Helen E. 

Shannon, Amanda J. 

Sharp, Mrs. Henry E. 

Sharp, Joseph W.,Jr. 

Sharp, Mrs. Marie B. 

Sharpies, Mrs. Francis W. 

Sharpies, Mrs. Philip T. 

Sharpless, S. Franklin 

Sheble, Mrs. Frank J. 

Sheble, Mrs. J. Howard, Jr. 

Sheer, Philip L.,& Son 

Sheldon, O. D. 

Shellenberger, Mrs. Charles 

Shelly, George C. 

Shelton, Mrs. F. H. 

Shepard, Frederick M. 

Shepard, William V. K. 

Sheppard, Mrs. A. Maxwell 

Sherman, Mrs. Francis 

Shields, J. Franklin 

Shiffer, Mrs. P. H. 

Shilcock, Clarence J. 

Shillard-Smith, Mrs. C. 

Shipley, Mrs. Samuel R. 

Shipley, Thomas Emlen 

Shoemaker, Benjamin H. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. Edwin 

Shoemaker, Mary Williams 

Short, Joseph A. 

Shrigley, Arthur 

Shrigley, Ethel Austin 

Shryock, Genevieve 

Shull, Charles J. 

Shulze, Mrs. Charles A. 

Shumway, Robert 

Shupert,J. Malissa 

Shupp, Mary R. 

Shuster, Frank H. 

Sibley, Florence 

Sibley, Walter G. 

Silance, L. M. 

Sill, Mrs. Harold Mont- 

Silverman, Mrs. Charles 

Simon, Elmer D. 

Simon, Mrs. Oscar 

Simons, Laird 

Simpson, George L. 

Sinclair, John S. 

Siner, Mr. and Mrs. 
Raymond K. 

Singer, Edgar A., Jr. 

Singer, Jacob 

Sinkler, Julia U. 

Sinnickson, Mrs. Charles 

Sinnock.John Ray 
Sioussat, St. George L. 
Siter, E. Hollingsworth 
Siter, Mrs. E. Hollingsworth 
Skerrett, Mrs. W. Henry W. 
Sketchley, William W. 
Skinker, Mrs. Alexander R. 
Slade, Mrs. Alexander T. 
Slater, Helen 
Slattery, Joseph A. 
Slifer, Levina 
Smaltz, Elizabeth F. 
Smaltz, Mrs. John H. 
Smedley, William H. 
Smith, Alfred Percival 
Smith, Mrs. Arthur D. 
Smith, Charles H. 
Smith, Mrs. Edward W. 
Smith, Ethel 
Smith, Mrs. F. P. 
Smith, Mrs. George Mark 
Smith, Harriet L. 
Smith, Mrs. Harry F. 
Smith, Haseltine 
Smith, J. Somers 
Smith, Jessie Willcox 
Smith, Joseph P. 
Smith, Mrs. Manning J. 
Smith, Mary C. 
Smith, Oscar L. 
Smith, S. Russell 
Smith, T. Learning 
Smith, Walter Bassett 
Smith, Mrs. Wikoff 
Smolens, Mrs. M. 
Smucker, Edwin M. 
Snellenburg, A. 
Snellenburg, Mrs. Harry H. 
Snellenburg, Joseph N. 
Snellenburg, Lenore 
Snellenburg, Mrs. Morton E. 
Snitcher, Rachel W. 
Snyder, George H. 
Snyder, M. L. 
Solis-Cohen, Bertha F. 
Solis-Cohen, Mrs. Hays 
Sonneborn, George A. 
South, Mr. and Mrs. Walter 
Spahr, Murray, H., Jr. 
Spangler.John L. 
Speiser, Mrs. Herbert A. 
Speiser, Maurice J. 
Spellissy, Mrs. Amy W. 
Spencer, Arthur 
Spretor, R. F. 
Staake, Caroline L. 
Stager, Stanley R. 

Stair, Mrs. Jacob, Jr. 
Starkweather, John K. 
Starr, Mrs. Edward 
Starr, Floyd T. 
Starr, Lewis 
Stathers, F. R. 
Stead, Robert 
Stecker, Mrs. P.Jack 
Stecker, Mrs. Robert D. 
Steel, A. G. B. 
Steel, Joseph A. 
Steel, Mariana J. 
Steel, Warner J. 
Steele, David M. 
Steere, Mrs. Jonathan M. 
Stehle, Mrs. Charles 
Stehley, Mary K. 
Steinmetz, Francis C. 
Steinmetz, Mrs. Joseph A. 
Stellwagen, Herbert P. 
Stem, Samuel G. 
Stem, Mrs. Samuel G. 
Stephano, Christopher 
Sterling, Philip 
Stern, Bertha 
Stern, Mrs. Harry I. 
Stern, Mrs. Horace 
Stern, Mrs. J. David 
Stern, Mrs. Milton 
Sternberger, Mrs. M. K. 
Sterner, George 
Stetson, John B.,Jr. 
Stevens, John C. 
Stevens, Mrs. John C. 
Stevens, Richard K. 
Stevenson, Clare B. 
Stewardson, Eleanor P. 
Stewart, Anne 
Stewart, Walter D. 
Stifel, Virginia 
Stinson, Mrs. Robert M. 
Stirling, Mrs. Edmund 
Stoddart, Harry T. 
Stokes, Mrs. Charles P. 
Stokes, Francis J. 
Stokes, Henry W. 
Stokes, Mrs. S. Emlen 
Stokes, Mrs. W. Standley 
Stokes, Mrs. Walter 
Stone, Frank S. 
Stone, Mr. and Mrs. 

James K. 
Story, Mrs. Julian 
Stout, Mrs. A. L. 
Stout, Philip S. 
Stradley, Leighton P. 
Strawbridge, Anne W. 


Strawbridge, Edward R., 

Strawbridge, Mrs. Robert E. 
Strittmatter, I. P. 
Stroebele, Mrs. J. A. 
Stroock, Bertram A. 
Stroud, Edward A. 
Stroud, Morris W. 
Stuart, Mrs. George H., 3rd 
Stuart, Gordon 
Stulb, Joseph R. 
Sullivan, Edith 
Sullivan, R. Livingston 
Sullivan, Stanley J. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Thomas D. 
Sundheim, Mrs. Harry G. 
Supplee, Mrs. Walter B. 
Sussel, Arthur J. 
Sutherland, Abby A. 
Swartley, Henry C. 
Sweeny, Barbara 
Sweeny, Mary B. 
Swoyer, A. Elizabeth 
Sykes, James A. 
Szall.John B. 
Taber, Donald C. 
Talimer, Mrs. Bernard 
Taney, Cecil M. 
Tappen, Margaret P. 
Tatnall, H. Chace 
Tatnall, Henry 
Tatum, Mrs. Richard Parry 
Taws, Henry M. 
Taws, John H. 
Taylor, Florence E. 
Taylor, H. Birchard 
Taylor, Mrs. J. Madison 
Taylor, Mrs. John M. 
Taylor, Lawrence N. 
Taylor, Louis B. 
Taylor, Presley Morgan 
Taylor, Mrs. Presley 

Taylor, Mrs. Roland L. 
Taylor, William J. 
Taylor, Mrs. William J. 
Teller, W. H. 
Temple, Edward B. 
Tetlow, Mrs. Clara 
Thatcher, Mrs. A. G. 
Thatcher, William H. 
Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. 

Harry C. 
Thayer, Mrs. John B. 
Thayer, Mrs. John B., 3rd 
Thayer, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Theel, William L. 

Thomas, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Thomas, M. Carey 
Thomas, Mabel L. H. 
Thomas, Pauline E. 
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. 

Walter Horstmann 
Thompson, Mrs. Charles I. 
Thompson, Jane 
Thompson, John P. 
Thompson, Mrs. Justice M. 
Thompson, Mrs. R. Ellison 
Thompson, Mrs. T. Mason 
Thompson, Robert J. 
Thorington, Mrs. James 
Thorn, Mary 
Thouron, Mrs. Nicholas 
Tidball, Mrs. William 
Tietze, Charles F. 
Tilden, Marmaduke, Jr. 
Timanus, Mrs. J. H. R. 
Titus, Mrs. Robert R. 
Todd, Anne Hampton 
Toland, Mrs. Owen J. 
Torrey, Robert G. 
Town, Edwin C. 
Townsend, Caspar W. B. 
Townsend, Mrs. Edward P. 
Townsend, Edward Y. 
Townsend, Mrs. Frederick 

Townsend, Mrs. J. B. 
Trask Mrs. John E. D. 
Trotter, Helen 
Tryon, Charles Z. 
Tucker, Mrs. Chester E. 
Tucker, Mrs. Gabriel 
Turner, Florence 
Turner, Mrs. William Jay 
Tustin, Mrs. Ernest L. 
Tuttle, William C. 
Twining, John E. 
Tyler, Charles A. 
Tyler, George F. 
Tyler, Mrs. George F. 
Tyler, Helen B. 
Tyler, Mary Graham 
Tyre, Philip S. 
Tyson, Mrs. Charles M. 
Underdown, Mrs. Henry T. 
Vail, Mrs. Louis dePuy 
Valle, Mrs. I. Bodine 
VanDusen, Mrs. George R. 
VanLeer, Mrs. William M. 
Van Pelt, Mrs. Andrew 
VanPelt, Gertrude 
VanPelt, Mrs. John 
VanRensselaer, Alexander 

VanSciver, Earl J. 
VanSciver, J. Bishop 
Vauclain, Samuel M. 
Vaughan, Charles Z. 
Vellner, Eugene 
Verner, Mrs. William R. 
Vernon, Frank L. 
Vogdes, Joseph J. 
Von Moschzisker, Mrs. 

Wagner, George Ellwood 
Wagner, John 
Wagner, Joseph Wood 
Wagner, Louis 
Wagner, Louis M. 
Wagner, Mrs. William M. 
Walbaum, Mrs. William H. 
Walker, Herschel C. 
Walker, James A. 
Walker, Robert C. 
Walker, William W. 
Walkling, Adolph A. 
Wallace, Elizabeth S. 
Walsh, Mrs. Basil S. 
Walter, Mr. and Mrs. 

Harry E. 
Walter, Simon 
Walters, Lynford S. 
Walton, Mrs. Charles S., Jr. 
Walton, Horace Andrews 
Waltz, Mrs. Edward A. 
Warburton, Mrs. Barclay H. 
Warden, Clarence A. 
Warden, Mrs. W. G. 
Warne, Mrs. Edward P. 
Warner, Mrs. M. B. 
Warner, Mildred S. 
Warner, Walter 
Warnock, James, Jr. 
Warren, F. V. 
Warren, William C. 
Warrick, William H., Jr. 
Warthman, Mrs. J. Harris 
Warwick, Edward 
Washburn, Louis C. 
Washington, George L. 
Waters, Mrs. Edw. Austin 
Watkins, William Bell 
Watmough, Minnie 

Watson, Frank R. 
Wayne, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. 
Wayne, Laura J. 
Wear, Mrs. Joseph Walker 
Wear, Mrs. William Potter 


Weber, David 
Weber, Ernest G. 
Weber, F. W. 
Webster, Mrs. Warren, Jr. 
Weeks, Mrs. Horace F. 
Weightman, Martha T. R. 
Weihenmayer, Harry W. 
Weil, Benjamin 
Weild, Charles M. 
Weill, Mrs. Alfred S. 
Weinberg, Sol 
Weinstein, Jacob I. 
Weisenbach, Mrs. Fred 
Welsh, C. N. 
Wendler, Mrs. Paul B. 
Wenger, Mrs. Morris 
Wentz, Mrs. Charles R. 
Wessel, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
West, Harry F. 
West, Isabel D. 
West, William 
West, William Morton 
West, W. Nelson 
Weston, Mrs. Frederick W. 
Wetherill, Francis M. 
Wetherill, Mrs. Francis M. 
Wetherill, John Price, Jr. 
Wetherill, Samuel P., jr. 
Wetherill, Mrs. Samuel 

Wetherstine, H. H. 
Wetter, Charles G. 
Wetzel, Walter 
Weyl, Esther M. 
Weyl, Julius 
Wheeler, Janet D. 
Wheeler, Walter S. 
Wheelwright, Robert 
Whelen, Mrs. T. Duncan 
Whelen, Mrs. William 

Whitaker, James L. 
White, Elizabeth Gibbons 
White, J. Atwood 
White, Mrs. J. M. 
White, Margaret Gibbons 
White, Raymond A., Jr. 
White, Mrs. William 
Whiteman, Mrs. John B. 
Whitman, Stephen F. and 

Whitridge, Mrs. Roland B. 
Whittaker, Mrs. Frederick S. 
Whyte, William E. 
Widener, Mrs. P. A. B., 2nd 
Wiederseim, Theodore E. 

Wiedersheim, Mrs. William 

A., 2nd 
Wigton, Mrs. Frank H. 
Wilbur, Rollin Henry 
Wilbur, Mrs. Rollin Henry 
Wilhelm, Charles 
Willard, DeForest P. 
Willcox, Mrs. William J. 
Willet, Henry Lee 
Willey, F. M. 
Willey, Mrs. Guy A. 
William Penn Charter School 
Williams, Mrs. Carroll R. 
Williams, Mrs. Charles 
Williams, F. Churchill 
Williams, Mrs. John Kirk 
Williams, Joseph D. 
Williams, Rae 
Williams, Sidney 
Williams, Thomas S. 
Williams, Mrs. Thomas S. 
Willing, Charles 
Willing, Mr. and Mrs. 

Edward Shippen 
Willing, J. Kent 
Wills, Frank A. 
Willson, Mrs. Laurence 

Willson, Thomas H. 
Wilmer, Mrs. Peregrine 
Wilmeth, James L. 
Wilson, Hamilton M. 
Wilson, Mrs. J. Howard 
Wilson, Percy H., Jr. 
Wilson, Mrs. Stanley E. 
Wilson, Mrs. William K. 
Wilson, Mrs. Wyle T. 
Wiltbank, Mrs. G. M. 
Windner, Julius 
Winsor, James D.,Jr. 
Wintersteen, Mrs. John 
Winthrop, Edith 
Wire, Jean Marion 
Wirkman, Emanuel W. 
Wirz, Mrs. H. M. 
Wissler, Jessie M. 
Wistar, Rebecca B. 
Wister, Mrs. Charles Jones 
Wister, Mrs. Lewis W. 
Woerner, Helen L. 
Wolf, Mrs. Albert 
Wolf, Mrs. Benjamin 
Wolf, Howard A. 
Wolf, Louis 
Wolfe, Joseph L.N. 
Wolstenholme, Mrs. 


Wood, Mrs. Alexander 

Wood, Mrs. Arthur King 
Wood, Mrs. Charles R. 
Wood, Mrs. Edward F. R. 
Wood, Mrs. George 
Wood, George Bacon 
Wood, Grahame 
Wood, Mrs. Horatio C. 
Wood, Howard 
Wood, M. Louise 
Woodall, Mrs. John 
Woodruff, Mrs. Clinton 

Woods, Mrs. Ralph 
Woodward, Clara 
Woodward, Gertrude H. 
Woodward, Mrs. Samuel 
Woolman, Mrs. Edward 
Woolman, Henry Newbold 
Woolman, Mrs. Henry 

Woolman, Josephine T. 
Woolston, Hannah H. 
Worrall, Mrs. Nathan Y. 
Worthington, Mrs. Amos 
Wright, Alice M. 
Wright, Mrs. F. S. 
Wright, Mrs. H.J. 
Wright, Mrs. Harrison B. 
Wright, Mrs. Joseph V. 
Wright, Mrs. Minturn T. 
Wright, Mrs. Robert C. 
Wright, William Townsend 
Wrigley, Mrs. Charles W. 
Yarnall, Mr. and Mrs. D. 

Yates, Philip M. 
Yeatman, Georgina Pope 
Yellin, Samuel 
Yerkes, R. K. 
York, Edward H., Jr. 
Young, Hobart C. 
Zafran, H. A. 
Zantzinger, Mrs. C. C. 
Zantzinger, Mrs. C. C,Jr. 
Zieget, Julius 
Ziegler,J. Charles 
Ziegler, Katherine W. 
Zimmerman, Anna W. 
Zimmerman, Mrs. John E. 
Zimmerman, William A. 
Zimmermann, R. Z. 
Zimmermann, William 
Ziou, Harry F. 
Zirnkilton, F. X. 


Form of Bequest of Personalty 

I give and bequeath unto the Pennsylvania Museum of Art 

the sum of — .dollars, 

free of all taxes. 


Form of Devise of Real Estate 

I give and devise unto the Pennsylvania Museum of Art all 
that certain (here insert a description of the property) free of all taxes. 


Form of Subscription 

Enclosed please find cheque for 

Annual Member $10 a year 

Contributing Member $2; a year 

Sustaining Member $100 a year 

Associate $2jo a year 

Life Member $joo at one time 

Fellow $1,000 at one time 

Patron $j,ooo or more 

Benefactor $2j ,000 or more 

The Museum Bulletin and notifications of special exhibitions and 
Museum events and School lectures may be sent to 



Gifts or bequests for either the Museum or the School should be